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  1. I remember when I first moved here in 2010 a friend sent a Christmas card to us via the mail. She sent it from Newport RI on Dec 1 and it arrived in our mailbox March 15. So I guess if I have to say anything here, it did arrive.
  2. Wish we had that rain in the west end. Nothing measurable here in Ajijic west. Just enough to make marks in the dust.
  3. Fires on Mt Garcia tonight. It's that time of year.
  4. I use PayPal to pay my monthly Totalplay bill. Very easy. Follow instructions given above by Lou.
  5. One other note. I paid online and got 50% off for being over 60 years old. I have an INAPAM card but it wasn't required to get the discount.
  6. So I renewed my Drivers License this morning at 9am. I showed up at 9am and two people were in line in front of me. The first representative you encounter is the guy that checks all your paperwork and puts together a packet that he gives you to take to the next desk. He yelled out and asked if anyone in line had a "cita" (appointment). I was the only one with a cita so I got taken in ahead of the other two. The only worry I had about my paperwork was that my TelMex recibo was printed off my TelMex internet account and it wasn't the "original" that you get in the mail. It didn't matter to them and it passed with flying colors. The second desk is where they fingerprint and photograph you. Once that is done, you hand your packet to desk number three and go outside. Wait outside for them to call your name and hand you your newly renewed license. I was in at 9:00 and out at 9:15. Very effcient.
  7. I was late by 3 months and no one said anything.
  8. No problem. I own and run the ajijicweather.com website.
  9. The Rancho Del Oro weather station which is ajijicweather.com transmits all of its data to WeatherUnderground as station IJALISCO38. So all the data in WeatherUnderground station IJALISCO38 is the same as ajijicweather.com. All of the history is from Rancho Del Oro. None of the history is from the old Riberas site. The Rancho Del Oro site has been up and running and gathering data since 2011.
  10. https://gobiernoenlinea1.jalisco.gob.mx/bancos/Reimprime This link might work for you. You have to wait a couple of days after paying. After going to the link above, select "Obligaciones Derechos Vehiculares". Then enter your License Plate #, last 5# of your VIN, select 2023.
  11. Great! Thanks for the info ibarra.
  12. My painter used Casther Tonal. I'm trying to locate a Casther store lakeside. The previous post says "In Riveras we have a store in front of panchos place". This was in 2020. Is the store still there?
  13. Yes. Both that thread and this thread have the same link to pay online. Tried again just now and still no go. Will wait a week and try again.
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