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  1. Somewhere on the Libramiento across from El Dorado...
  2. Also, there are great hand-crafted greeting cards at Sweets ‘N Treats on 16 de septiembre next to Cocinart. All,proceeds go to support Hope House orphanage in Ixtlahuacan.
  3. There are two different organizations in the Lakeside area who offer free spay neuter clinics several times a year. There are many expat volunteers manning those clinics. You skills as a vet tech, with grooming, and the fact that you speak Spanish would make you a valuable volunteer at these clinics. I have served as a team leader in the registration area of these clinics for the past couple of years. I’ve found the clinics to be one of the most rewarding activities in which I’ve been involved. We need truly bilingual volunteers to work with registration.The two organizations are Operación Amor (operates in the Chapala municipality) and Tails of Mexico (operates in the Jocotepec municipality). I also volunteer teaching English once a week to high school and university students who are scholarship recipients in the Pathways program that was founded a few years ago by Pat Baxter. There are many volunteer opportunities here for someone like you. Working for wages is another thing; one must have a permanente visa (vs. a temporal visa or a tourist permit) in order to work. If you hold a temporal visa, then you must obtain a separate permission to work from Mexican immigration (INM).
  4. You can pay your predial at Chapala with a credit or debit card. I didn’t see any such sign at SIMAPA, but I wasn’t looking for it.
  5. It is the Haus der Musik. It is a small concert venue inside of a home at the southwest intersection of Constitución and Juan Alvarez/Juan Manuel. If you send me a PM with your email, I can give you the email for the couple to whom the home belongs.
  6. There are two locations for Salud Digna in Guadalajara. I’ve done four annual mammograms and bone density studies there. I’ve gone to the location on Avenida de las Americas, just a door or two north of Avenida Mexico. I’m due to go again, but last year I paid less than 350 pesos for the two things combined. The equipment is state of the art and the technicians are efficient and caring; you receive your bone density scan results immediately and you can leave and have breakfast or lunch and then return to pick up your mammogram film and results. Salud Digna receives funding from Carlos Slim’s foundation.
  7. Todo Bueno is on the mountain side of the carretera just a couple of doors west of Puritan Poultry (and location of former restaurant named Bubba's) and S&S Auto. If you're familiar with where the 7-11 is in Riberas, these businesses would be just at the west end of the rumble strips / mini-topes.
  8. We just did this. The bottom SMALLER part of the FMM form is what is taken by the airline when you DEPART Mexico. The top LARGER part is what you hand the immigration agent (along with your temp or perm resident card and passport) when you ENTER Mexico upon your return.
  9. MC, I just sent you an email with contact info for Abraham Dorado. He did ours a couple of years ago.
  10. We were there last night with another couple. Service was very attentive and the kitchen was efficient. We received our soups / salads within 2-3 minutes of placing our orders. The carrot fritters we were served were crispy and not greasy. The four entrees at our table were Seabass Elegante, Flounder, Spaghetti Bolognese and the Chicken Curry. Everyone was pleased with their food. We met Bob and his wife (Janelle, maybe?). They came by after we'd ordered and introduced themselves and cleared salad plates. Bob stopped back at the end of our meal to see if we were satisfied. It was 2 for 1 Friday night and there was keyboard music, background level. Overall, we were happy, the setting was airy, and they're celebrating Bobby's (the original one) birthday there on the 15th!!!
  11. DQ - I think that what is important is that, in addition to completing the two part FMM form, you should also write "RESIDENTE PERMANENTE" in block letters across the tops of both sections of the form. When you check in at the immigration window before leaving GDL and present your passport and your Residente Permanente card, sometimes the agent scribbles "RT" or "RP" on the top of the form when he's stamping everything, but sometimes they don't. If you do it, then you know it gets done. The smaller (bottom) section is what the airline agent takes from you when you check in. Stick away the larger top part of the FMM form in a safe place (and remember where that is!!) since you need it for your return. Then when you return to Mexico, just be sure to hand the immigration agent your Residente Permanente card, along with the completed top part of the FMM form and your passport. Buen viaje!
  12. I saw a post on Facebook a short time ago written by Jerry Ondola saying that the local INM was asking for a meeting with various expat groups in the community to organize some type of vehicle by which the expat community could be informed on how to properly use their resident visas when exiting and entering Mexico so as to not invalidate them. It didn't say anything about changing the procedures. The American Legion was one of the groups that Jerry was going to approach. Sort of of reminds me of the old "telephone" game... s
  13. Eric, check out the print / design shop on the southeast corner of the carretera and Juárez in Ajijic (last traffic light going west out of town). I think they can do everything you're asking. The name of the biz escapes me at the moment; maybe something like "Syker?"
  14. The SUV we bought a few months ago at Santa Anita Plasencia Ford was a 2011 Suzuki and the other one we were considering from there was a 2011 Toyota RAV4, so that dealership was carrying five year old vehicles. Rafael, the owner of Moyoyo Car Wash, prefers to deal in newer Honda CRVs that he brings over from the Mérida region, but may occasionally have something else that he's selling for someone.
  15. In June, we purchased a late model one owner SUV from Placencia Santa Anita Ford in Zapopan. It was pretty painless. Left a deposit on a Tuesday, we moved $$ from NOB to our bank account here and then deposited into the dealer's bank account on Thursday. I then sent the sales guy a photo of the bank receipt via Whatsapp and they did the registration paperwork. We picked up the car the next day. We received a one year warranty and the license registration as part of the deal.
  16. I do know that, as of a year or so ago, Bernadette was the only hospital in Guadalajara which had two heart cafherization labs. Two tables, probably no waiting, if you're having a cardiac event.
  17. We have brought in supplements from the US when returning to Mexico by plane and nothing has ever been confiscated. I'm sure there's always the chance that you get an Aduana officer who's having a bad day....
  18. Thanks muchísimo, Gilligan! Your testing certainly helps clarify things.
  19. We moved here several years ago at ages 55 and 56. We have friends here who are older than we are and friends who are younger. Obviously the younger group is smaller than the older group. The other thing I find is that some of our friends who are 5-10 years older than we are seem to me to be younger than their chronological ages. We have family here who are in their late 30s and they have made friends in their age bracket. Sorry, I know this answer doesn't provide you with any numbers, but at least it wasn't an "I don't have a clue!" type of answer.
  20. Lexie, I just connected two friends who recently moved and #1 gave many boxes to #2. I believe #2 is now finished with the boxes. I'll see her tonight, I think. Would you like them broken down? I think that was her plan. She is located in west Ajijic, above the carretera. Let me know.
  21. How long ago did Miguel Padilla move? I was in his taller next to Brisis restaurant less than two weeks ago. Door is just painted turquoise; there's no signage.
  22. I read the CV such that he RETIRED in 2009 from the department head position at a particular IMSS hospital. Who knows? Maybe it was so he could expand his private practice. All I know is that numerous women in attendance at the event last September stood and gave very positive testimonials regarding work he had done for them.
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