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  1. So.... back to Bueno's request.
  2. Glad they could help. I knew they could/would. Just think of what that might have been like if one had chosen to go to a 'not so great' dental office. There are a couple of good dental offices in town but when I want perfection and compassionate care I ALWAYS show up at their doorstep. Have been doing this since the early 2000s when Dr. Eloy was located in Chapala town.
  3. Well if it's broken no a mesh probably won't help. BUT... if it is just that the Telmex wifi is insufficient... which is most often the case... then a mesh can help. Plug it into the modem via ethernet connection and it will broadcast a 'new' wifi signal, overcoming the weak Telmex modem/router performance. I have done this... installed a Google Mesh system in a very large 2-story thick-walled house with good success. It took a base unit next to the modem broadcasting to 3 other slave mesh devices throughout the large house.
  4. ...but probably DSL modems, not fiber, no?
  5. If one doesn't get a strong signal using an ethernet cable it is time to send the modem back to Telmex as it is broken! Most people want/require to use their devices somewhere other than right next to their modem.
  6. Jim R, installing a router will be mostly plug-n-play. It should come with an ethernet cable but if not just buy a short one. Plug that cable into the Telmex modem back, plug the other end into the new router and then turn the router on. Only if the new router's wifi signal is not strong enough throughout your house will you need to purchase a Mesh system to add to the router. You can get a router at Steren in town or Amazon or ?
  7. To my knowledge Telmex does not have an extra charge for the modem... One price for the Internet and phone service, including the fiber modem. What do you hope to achieve by using your own modem?
  8. Fred I am without words to adequately describe my feelings as to how you... and Barbara... handled her final journey. I can only say that my wish is that I can even come close to handling the situation as honestly and bravely as you did! Thank you for sharing. Those of us who don't even know you have had our hearts lifted by your actions and your words. AND.... thank you for sharing how wonderful your Mexican friends, neighbors and associates were to you and Barbara. You were and are truly blessed by their presence in your life.
  9. Sounds like a crown is in your future..... I would highly recommend Chapala Dental Care.... aka Dr. Eloy Barragan's office. Either he or his wife Dra. Cynthia Berny. Top notch and recommended by MANY at Lakeside. Located on the carretera at the entrance to Mirasol. (376) 765-5584 or cell (332) 969-1843 https://lakechapalaguide.com/chapaladentalcare.html
  10. Correct. I will be a Tourist and driving a US plated vehicle. Just looking for the current 'process' as have not done this since changes were made to both visas and TIPs. Lewis & Lewis is generally my go-to carrier.
  11. Is anyone taking/does anyone know if the blood pressure medication Telmisartan.... generic for Micardis.... is available Lakeside? OTC? Is a US doctor prescription required? TIA
  12. It has been a number of years since I have driven into Mexico as a tourist.... been flying in/out lately. In the past one could/would go online to get an FMM & a TIP for the car before leaving home; briefly stop into Customs at the border to verify these and be on the way. Looks like I'll be driving in this winter again. Any feedback from those of you who do this 'dance' annually these days? What's the process like now?
  13. Almost to the end of the rainy season and Lakeside.... Ranco del Oro at least.... is only 58% of normal. Did any dams upstream actually get opened this summer? Liria?
  14. This is for a Chiapas location, no? Requirements for balmy Lake Chapala might be different.
  15. New CFE poles were installed either side of the careterra at 5 de Febrero on Sept 6 th with no apparent downage. These were very tall, metal poles as opposed to wooden. Sunk in a concreted foundation.
  16. It's been a number of years since I was knowledgeable of these. Back then, there were 'brands to buy and brands to stay away from'. And those that didn't play well with pressurized water systems. Etc Etc Anyone with any recent experience owning one. Larger size for whole house; several bathrooms and several story house? Long runs from heater to bathrooms. Pros and Cons. Basically I'm just looking at whether a on-demand heater would work and as important does one actually save any money over a standard water heater, all things else being the same. TIA
  17. The pump in Las Salvias does not serve your street.....
  18. Fred, my heart goes out to you. In addition to your wife, please make sure that YOU are getting some help/relief. Your mental and physical health is important now as never before.
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