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  1. ... and actually it is spelled Colombia (Solidarity Bridge), leading into Colombia Mexico.
  2. Sounds like you're driving into Mexico for the first time. I assume that you know that one must acquire a Temporary Import Permit.... TIP.... for your automobile. Good for 180 days like your Tourist Card.... if they are still giving those out. Requires a $400 deposit that will be refunded when you turn it and the original paperwork in leaving Mexico. You can get the TIP and your Tourist card online before you leave OR at the border. Make sure you have a good stash of pesos for gas, tolls and motels. If you go through Nogales, there are a couple of exchange houses around the intersection of I19 and W. Mariposa Rd before you cross (use the Mariposa crossing, not downtown). After that, ATMs give the best rate.
  3. Again, I guess, I have to disagree with going through Laredo Tx... Colombia Solidarity crossing....coming from anywhere in the West. For example, from Salt Lake City (south of where they live?) to Chapala: + through El Paso 1850 miles and 31 hours + through Nogales 1900 miles and 32 hours + through Laredo/Colombia 2025 miles and 34 hours and almost NO freeway driving... all 'secondary' roads I have driven all of these routes into/out of Mexico and also a few other less-traveled routes. Personally if I were a 'newbie' at driving from the border to Chapala from somewhere north of 'Salt Lake', I would take the route that the OP originally asked about..... Nogales! Laredo is definitely too far for no good reason IMO; El Paso is OK but from SLC to the border is a lot of non-freeway driving AND from El Paso to Chapala is not nearly as 'easy' to navigate mainly due to determining where to stay overnight (but it too is all cuota). Nogales is just a bit farther in miles and hours, has more freeway driving if staying on freeway until south Utah.
  4. No real good reason to go all the way to Laredo just to maybe get to Chapala in one very long day of driving in Mexico. AND it is 400 extra miles. Another route might be down from El Paso but that too is also longer by 175 miles. Most people, especially those who are not seasoned Mexico travelers and crossing at Nogales, will stay the first night in Navojoa... at least 4 good hotels to choose from. Then the second night in Mazatlan, either a hotel out on the 15 cuota or drive the short distance into town (my preference) for unlimited hotels. Then easily on to Chapala the last day. All days will be 'short' for the unseasoned Mexico traveler. It is just about impossible to drive from Nogales to Chapala with only one night on the road.... in the daylight hours!..... unless doing it in the long daylight summer days and driving like a bat outa h*ll. Can be done, but.....
  5. People who don't have a good insight into Mexico will and have always suggested that one will be robbed or get killed the moment they set foot in Mexico. They, however, don't mind driving in LA, New Orleans, Chicago and other US 'hotspots'.
  6. .... and the US is considering staying on DST all the time. People on the border will have to deal with the 'discrepancy'. Personally, at our latitude in Colorado DST all the time works best for me.
  7. Is this to suggest... or state.... that if one has an AT&T cellphone account in the US, there is no 'benefit' or connection if I were to come into Mexico and expect AT&T cellphone coverage??? If true, does AT&T US have a Mexican 'partner' in Mexico similar to the T-Mobile & Telcel partnership? Also, 'who' if anyone does Verizon US have as a Mexican partner and is it seamless like the T-Mobile/Telcel one? Thanks
  8. Most US carriers have an association with someone in Mexico. AT&T, of course, has a presence in both countries. T-Mobile works with Telcel the minute you cross the border. Verizon is bound to have an associate here... I just don't know who. Of importance while in Mexico might be 'coverage'. Telcel has by far the best coverage in Mexico. T-Mobile will probably be the cheapest US provider to keep. So take your pick.
  9. Traffic is certainly a mess.... but so is Lakeside, no? Also, when you were living there a ton of the pollution was being caused by the many 'brick kilns" there. Those have been 'outlawed' which really helped. Certainly not pristine now but not as bad as years ago me thinks.
  10. ....isn't it interesting that, on a device that cost upwards of $1,000 US, many of us are as concerned about the color as we are about how it works. But this is where we are I guess. When Henry Ford brought out the Model T, he said one could have it in ANY color.... as long as that color was BLACK!
  11. Nice to have someone point out that you were a fool for thinking you would get 50 down or something close to that... and for you to also assume that it would actually work at all the next day for 2 days. Kindred Spirit I suppose.
  12. Mazatlan.... a little less hot/humid than PV area. Merida in the Yucatan but lordy is it hot and humid.
  13. Pete, the Geo Tracker is a Classic. Not for everyone but then neither is a Corvette! The old mantra is.... a vehicle is worth what someone is willing to pay for it! One owner is a BIG bonus! 4x4 another, although hardly needed Lakeside. Custom retractable hardtop another bonus. Nice small size for narrow cobblestone streets. In the States it 'could' sell for as much as $7,500! So now you know.... old man. 😎
  14. sm1mex said: "I don't know what Android is." Android is actually an Operating System, not a phone. Originally developed by Android, Inc. from the Linux kernal and bought out by Google probably 15 years ago or more. It is actually 'open source' code... meaning not proprietary to Google.... and is given free to others. Almost all other phone manufacturers use this operating system, unlike Apple which uses/makes the IOS operating system solely for their products. Best known phone(s) using the Android OS are Google themselves (Pixel), Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC and a whole host of other companies. Google updates the OS often and then others get it and tweek it for their particular phone(s). Now THAT's more than you wanted to know most likely...
  15. ... and if you have a US/Canadian plated vehicle it can be brought in but must be a part of the process. If this is the case, ask and it will be explained.
  16. Pete, if you know nothing about a Tracker, why comment.... negatively.... about it's value? Sales are always caveat emptor anyway.
  17. I'm sure that Spencer.... Chapala Law.... can but I'm also sure that there are Facilitators at Lakeside that can do it too.... and maybe cheaper. Someone will speak up soon....
  18. I have a product on my RV... WifiRanger Sky 4..... which acts as a "booster" of RV park weak wifi signals. It's not merely a booster but rather can 'reach out' to camp wifi signals and then re-broadcasts a new wifi signal strong in your trailer and outside of it. Works well and is said to be able to enhance signals from 1/4 mile away. I can't attest to THAT kind of distance but.... Set-up is not for a novice but once set up it's pretty easy to use. Cost several hundred dollars and uses DC current so would also need a AC-DC converter, readily available. Also note that the Sky4 is only one of several options available from WifiRanger (now owned by Winegard) including routers etc.
  19. With all due respect, that is probably a Gringo assessment. In 6 months in 13 states there have been over a half million chocolates 'regularlized'.... probably 99.999% by Mexican Nationals. That sounds like a pretty popular program to me.
  20. As Carole King would sing..... "I feel the Earth, move, under my feet, I feel the sky tumbling down"....
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