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  1. Do we still have to fill out that form? and stop by immigration? Guad to Mtl Canada. I am permanent here. Any proof of Vacine or ArivCan? Did not travel since many years. Thanks a lot.
  2. I don't know if my card offer me that, I would be surprise. Thanks for the info.
  3. You might not know, but the 630 and the 600 can't be activate on an other account than yours. I am in the same problem.
  4. Very happy with their services. I also check everything with the delivery person and they are always nice.
  5. Is the hotel near the airport open? Thanks
  6. I heard that the 630 can't be add to an other account that the account of the owner!
  7. I will not have a car, I travel by taxi. The hotel would be for 1 night only flying next morning. Thanks.
  8. Is the hotel near the airport open or is there a best option near the airport? thanks.
  9. I did not received any this year. I know I made my change of address in May 2021. It was confirm. In your idea should I just wait? Thanks.
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