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  1. My wife is Gwen Chan Burton, author of "New Worlds for the Deaf" ( a history of the Lakeside School for the Deaf, as it was then known, in Jocotepec in the 1980s). She was director of the school for many years and has worked with hearing aids for more than forty years. It is not at all unusual for audiologists operating their own clinics to have a close association with a particular brand. Oticon, based in Denmark, is one of the world's top brands in terms of research, manufacturing, quality and reliability. Quite rightly, Dr Flores - who by the way speaks fluent English - is completely up front in his advertising about the brand he works with, unlike many of his competitors. If you do decide to see Dr. Flores, please report back how it goes.
  2. Highly recommended by my wife is fully licensed audiologist Dr Carlos Alonso Flores, Chapala MED Libramiento Chapala-Ajijic, 132-Int21 Plaza Interlago (376) 766 5126 / 4435
  3. An historical tidbit from 80 years ago. ~ Rainfall in Ajijic in totaled 196.13 cm (77") in 1941, with measurable rainfall on 102 days. Now, that must have been WET! For some (limited) evidence of average annual precipitation trends around the lake for the period 1920-2008, please see Fig 7.1 of Geo-Mexico.
  4. David was one of a kind and this is a very big loss to the community. Our sincerest condolences to Michael and all the family, Tony/Gwen
  5. Update: A friend of Michael Eager (La Nueva Posada Ajijic) lived next door to the Hotel Anita during his childhood and has positively identified the images of Hotel Laguna as Hotel Anita. It remains unclear whether the hotel was ever formally called Hotel Laguna or whether this was just the photographer's choice of caption. - A huge THANK-YOU to all who responded to this thread and for your ideas, suggestions and support. Happy New Year!
  6. Thanks, Alfa - I have sent you a PM; I appreciate your help. Happy New Year!
  7. Thanks to all who have responded. Your help is appreciated. A couple of readers elsewhere have suggested that Hotel Laguna was one of the names used for the property better known as Quinta Mi Retiro (aka Hotel del General), which was located between the Old Posada Ajijic and La Nueva Posada. I think this is probably correct but would still be interested if anyone is able to confirm this (or recognizes any of the people drinking in the bar).
  8. ajijicbound - Thank you for adding the link to my blog post about Jacques Van Belle, the photographer of the image I'm asking about. Though relatively little is known about him, he certainly took some interesting photos of Ajijic. As for the photo I posted, I'm still hoping that someone can provide me some additional clues to confirm that "Hotel Laguna" really was the name at one time for the (old) Posada Ajijic. Was that what the Posada bar looked like back in the day? Whether it was or not, can anyone recognize any the people sitting in the bar?
  9. I need your help please. Can anyone tell me anything the Hotel Laguna, Ajijic? The photo is by Belgian photographer Jacques Van Belle and dates from the late 1950s or early 1960s. Any and all information about the Hotel Laguna appreciated. Thanks!
  10. A federal program for Magic Towns is definitely still in place, as shown by this official publication of the basics in the Diario Oficial de la Federacón in March 2020: https://www.dof.gob.mx/nota_detalle.php?codigo=5588815&fecha=10/03/2020 Whether or not Ajijic being awarded Magic Town status (if that is what does indeed happen) is a good thing or a not-so-good thing is an entirely different matter.
  11. Believe it or not,his surname actually is "Stong" - see https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Todd_Stong
  12. Yes, Pete, but - on the bright side - MexConnect will finally have the comments feature we wanted 15 years ago! So there will be many new opportunities for you to comment and respond. Stay well, TB.
  13. Just to clarify - only the forums on MexConnect are being "disbanded." The bulk of MexConnect.com (currently 3700 articles and 8000+ photos) is being relocated to a brand-new platform. We are making good progress with the move and will be launching the new platform within the next few weeks. Thanks!
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