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  1. Superlake and Pancho's. I have bought it from both though I haven't looked lately.
  2. Not quite the same operation since Bonnie sold it.
  3. At the Tuesday Farmers Market at La Huerta, West Ajijic.
  4. Lake Chapala Mule Service https://www.facebook.com/groups/162232371120589 This is a great group for getting small items delivered here.
  5. Just curious...what routine maintenance is required and how often? We've had one installed for a couple of years now and not done anything so I'm wondering if there is something I should be paying attention to.
  6. Just FYI, the white all purpose mexican flour I buy at costco is 11% protein. I've been making bread with it...very good bread both yeast and sourdough...for several years. Sure bread flour will give you a little more oven spring but for the price it's not worth it to me. I buy gluten from the El Granero and add a little of that to the mix.
  7. Pancho's east side had them yesterday as well.
  8. Yeah, my mistake. Should have been 250 down. Upload ranges between 120 and 150MB. Senior moment!
  9. Hard to figure this. We've had Telmex fibre for 2 years now and our upload is a steady 250MB (our contracted figure). We connect our pc's directly to the modem via Cat 6 cable. If not connected and using only wireless, we get about half the speed. I think that is because Telmex modems in general have mediocre wireless performance.
  10. In other words...its the average use for a rolling 12 month period
  11. It was definitely a major quake. We're just far enough away that it didn't seem so.
  12. Our favorite too and especially now that the new libramiento is finished. We used it in August...what a treat!
  13. Jackie changed my filters recently. I left a message on 333 394 4413 and he called me back a couple of days later.
  14. Armando died on March 27, not even a month ago, so could be a while before they reopen.
  15. With medical care, like everything else, you pretty much get what you pay for.
  16. Armando died recently. Obit was in the Guad Reporter.
  17. 10 of us for dinner few nights ago. All agreed the food was very good as was the service.
  18. Well, no, that's actually not correct. You pay the same price as if you were paying cash and get the benefit of the 2% for using the credit card. The poster above posted incorrect information and subsequently corrected it. We do the bulk of our shopping at Costco. With meds, groceries, wine, household items and all the other stuff we spend 75,000 to 100,000 a year at Costco so the card is of real benefit to us without even considering the fact that we no longer have to carry wads of cash around.
  19. Heck, We spend that much in a couple of months at Costco.
  20. Jose Luis's guy was at my house just four days ago. He is still in business as far as I am aware.
  21. We've had costco/citibanamex cards for a few years now. With what we spend at Costco they pay for themselves in no time and the convenience of not carrying around wads of cash makes it a no brainer for us. And, yes, the cost of the card is in addition to the Costco membership fee.
  22. Chrissy in Laguna Centor will do that. Does a good job.
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