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  1. I searched and it doesn't come up. I like to drive to Ocotlan. I prefer to do it myself. You can't seem to get out of May. We decided to wait a few months and see what happens
  2. Where/how do you make an appointment to have your vehicle inspected?
  3. Yes phoning to the US or Canada has changed but they have not told us.
  4. Remebering when you have to pay Tecell is a Pita so I have a plan that I pay only twice a year- no roll over of course.
  5. I have done that (report to INM) that I have moved several times. I was told by a lawyer you could be fined 30,000 pesos if you don't.
  6. That is it thanks. I printed it out and can't find it.
  7. Recently someone posted what various combinations to type to get the different Spanish lettters for both capital and small letters. I can't find it now. Does someone have it?
  8. Of course my rainy season is the riany season for me. It varies a lot from area to area
  9. The Constancia that I got from a papeleria for 100 pesos is just fine according to Spencer. But no iris scan or esignature-neither of which I need.
  10. Another 2/10 of an inch in west San Juan Cosala. That is about 1/2 inch in the last 24 hours. So it maybe a light start to the rainy season.
  11. Vaccinating today (June 9 & maybe the 10th) at El Chante hospital
  12. Not exactely local but the town of Zacoalco north west of Jocotepec really markets them. You can drive the streets of the town to see what various places make. They have examples sitting out front.
  13. It cost me fewer Canadian dollars today to get the same number of pesos. I was surpried but I won't question it.
  14. There is a website that I access from my computer at home often but on my Canadian account. They no longer want to use number generators. A guy at HSBC in Vancouver made it easy for me to bypass a cell phone.
  15. I closed an account there but only with the help of a lawyer and the HSBC assistant manager. The assistant manager agreed that the process was bizare
  16. Changed for sure the whole process has become a too complicated farce.
  17. It was not long ago that the speed limit on the libramiento between San Antonio and the exit to Chapala changed 9 times in that few kilomters. That kept you wondering.
  18. That is why I used to like the Banamex in Jocotepec-your card did not go inside the machine, but they closed. I don't know if all Banamexs are like that. I tried Santander in Chapala twice but long lines and slow service were too discouraging.
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