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  1. Kiko sorry I'm so slow in replying. I seem to be doing about 6 things at once. I am still collecting more information. Would it be possible to see you pool and check the salt level in it and in your incoming water?


    1. cedros


      Kiko I am getting some conflicting information-need to do some rechecking.

  2. tomgates you said to contact you for a really good contractor. I'm trying to find someone who can repaint my concrete pool deck. I've had it donr 4 times in 7 years and it is peeling


    1. cedros


      I had it done by a contractor I've never used before last January. So far it is holding up well. I think that is so because of the paint I used more so than the contractor.

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  3. What do you mean when you say you had security wires installed. Barbed wire? electric wires or?

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