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  1. You forgot to put@in your reply. What is that all about?
  2. My lawyer told me that there are no small claims courts in Mexico so leases are meaningless.
  3. Thanks Lexy. I hear there is a good one close to me in san Juan Cosala.
  4. Maybe but I don't know of any as I have always groomed my 2 dogs but I can't now.
  5. Where about across the lake ?There arr two lighthouses there.
  6. I used to wash my dog outside with a hose and soap as the fraccionamiento had thermal water. Where I am living now water from outside taps is cold. My dog is old and could not deal with the cold water. Can anyone recommend a place to get my medium sized dog washed with warm water?
  7. No I have not seen her there but the president of Las fuentes told me that is where she went.
  8. Clair is at;Alicia’s convalescent home Lower floresta, near scallions restaurant
  9. Using a lawyer is much easier and exact and it impresses the persons being severed-they would be less likely to question it.
  10. I would like to send it to you but I can't find the messsage.
  11. https://rollybrook.com/employee-pay.htm Termination pay is down towards the bottom.
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