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  1. "A big yard, like a football field. 9 steps." 

    It sounds interesting. Where is your property? How much would you rent the casita for? What does the casita conisist of?  Do you have pictures?

    Cedros (John) 

  2. The problem I was having on Facebook in not being able to view messages has an answer sort of. I was using my desk top. When I try Facebook on my laptop it works fine. A computer guy was here about a week ago fiddling with my desk top. He changed something on Facebook.

  3. Are you selling a Shaw 630 receiver or just the dish?


  4. Dr. Rios did cataract surgery on one of my eyes. He swore I would have 20/20 vision and would not read glasses to read. I definitely need glasses to read, use a computer, etc. but he keeps insisting I don't. Very annoying and arrogant. He wants to do my other eye but is I ever have it done it won't be with him. Maybe that lady in Chapala who is getting very good reviews for cataract surgery.   

  5. I like your comments to modeeper.

  6. What about Ross the Candyman?

  7. Kiko sorry I'm so slow in replying. I seem to be doing about 6 things at once. I am still collecting more information. Would it be possible to see you pool and check the salt level in it and in your incoming water?


    1. cedros


      Kiko I am getting some conflicting information-need to do some rechecking.

  8. On Monday when I go to Home Depot I could pick one up for you.


  9. Here is how it works at Costco.

    I had an a Dorada membership. It cost me 500 pesos each year. You can have one additional person-cost to m 250 pesos. The additional person was a Mexican from Zapopan. He decided several years ago that things at Costco were too expensive so he quit using it. He prefers to shop at local tianguis, etc.

    A few months ago Costco changed my membership to Ejecutiva which costs me 1,100 per year. I did not ask for it they just did (to get me to buy more?). I can add up to 3 people to the membership. Each one added costs me 250.  With Ejecutiva I get 2 % of purchase for the year. This is taken off the price of the membership up to a maximum of 7,500 pesos.

    I spend about 25,000 per year at Costco I think. 2 % of this is 500 pesos. So I am paying 100 pesos per year more for this membership. If I drop the Mexican off my membership and add someone else my membership will cost 1,100 + 250 = 1,350.

    -If I had another person on the membership who bought 10,000 per year I would get 700 pesos off my membership = 400 pesos. So I would be paying 950 (400 more than if I was alone on the membership).

    -If the other person bought 15,000 per year I would get 800 of my membership=300.

    - If the other person on the membership bought 20,000 per year I would get 900 off my membership=200 pesos.

    So I have several choices; revert to a Doarada membership (if they will let me) and have no second person on my card. My membership would be 500 with no rebate.

    Etc. It is early in the morning I hope this makes sense and I hope my brain is in the right gear.

  10. I just have to go up there. Can you please tell me how I can walk up there? I won't be a problem I just want to see what is going on up there and to see the view and get a few pictures.

  11. solajijic how can I meet you to buy two tri-light bulbs?

  12. tomgates you said to contact you for a really good contractor. I'm trying to find someone who can repaint my concrete pool deck. I've had it donr 4 times in 7 years and it is peeling


    1. Honorandfaith


      Tomgates, I am also interested in your contractor's name. 

    2. cedros


      I had it done by a contractor I've never used before last January. So far it is holding up well. I think that is so because of the paint I used more so than the contractor.

  13. I've been told by other users that I can no longer receive private e mails. Can that be? Cedros 

  14. Donnie I'm having the same problem as you with a new I phone. I' ve found manual but they assume I already know things that I don't so I keep thinking what? Did you have success?


  15. Rony do you know if they are doing drivers licenses in Chapala this week? I have checked the government of Chapala sites and don't see anything. Where did you fine the notice that they were coming last month?


  16. I had a trifocal lens installed by Dr. Rios over a year ago. Since I have never been able to read close up without glasses but long and medium distance are great. Rios insists I don't need glasses for reading but I certainly do need them. How could he be so wrong? He says if I get the second eye done everything will be fine. What? Are your eyes fine for reading?  

  17. Thanks pattya119 for mentioning your two guitars. I have no idea what kind of guitar I am looking for as I am clueless. I want to buy one for a young Mexican who I am mentoring as he would like to learn to play one. I am hoping that a store with a wide selection could lead me in the right direction. 

  18. What do you mean when you say you had security wires installed. Barbed wire? electric wires or?

    1. Earl


      Electric wires. I just typed out a whole message to you, but it said that Cedros could not receive messages. I guess this is private, so I shall respond.

      Do NOT use Marcelino Jimenez C.  He lives on Ocampo, on  east of Mannix, but I have forgotten the address.  

      He came for he final 4000 pesos saying thé work was finished. It was a mistake not to go over to the house I was going to move into to take a look.  He left the Handy Little roof over the pedestrian gate with only about 6 inches of wire above it.  4 days later, local youth··I´m pretty sure··easily got on the roof and stepped over the wire. It is now 9 days later, and there have been missed appointmnts and still no additional wires added.  He does not come when he says he will come and even said  the problema  was my lack of neighbors.  I told him that´s exactly why I wanted security and that he should not have taken my money if he knew that he was not providing security.  He also did  not install the longer·life battery as agreed and I still do not have my written guaratee, but that´s only as good as the person behind it anyway.   He is not a man of integrity.  I wish I could shout from the rooftops not to use him for anything.

    2. cedros


      Thanks Earl.

  19. lobita I feel some relief reading your post. I had a cataract in one eye that Dr. Rios "fixed" by putting a trifocal lens in. Trifocal meant I would not need glasses for reading, medium, or long distance vision. Right away I could see that I still needed glasses for that eye for reading. Rios insisted that I did not need a glass for that eye. After a month of arguing and getting the wrong glasses several times I got glasses Now it is time for my yearly checkup. The glasses no longer work properly for that eye-I need a different prescription. How can my vision change when I have an artificial lens in there? I hesitate to return for this free yearly checkup as he will probably insist that my repaired eye is fine and that once I have the other eye done everything will be fine. I'm tempted to see that lady ophthalmologist (Claudia) in Chapala to see what she thinks. About 8 months ago I did go see the ophthalmologist (Dr. Vargas) who comes to the Ajijic clinic and he said everything looks fine but he doesn't use that trifocal. What to do?

  20. I had cataract surgery done by Dr. Rios with mixed results. Is this the same doctor?

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