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  1. Recommendations for an upholsterer...reliable who will contact you and confirm ??

  2. Now that we have a car with MX plates we were told that we need a MX drivers licence too? We are permanente and snowbirds who are here for 6 mths only?

  3. Will the person who is driving from Hamilton please contact me??

  4. Yeah for Walmart and those who have written here about the items they now carry or will get in stock! I am looking for their 'scalloped potatoes' or au gratins in the box, specifically Great Value brand. Has anyone requested that product yet?

  5. a comment about a local pizza place....besides the silly policy of holding tables for 6 and not giving them to 4 people...last week we were there with a friend and their kids, and in broad daylight at noon, her car was broken into and bags of snacks and wet bathing suits, etc were stolen! Maybe the owner could consider how to prevent this from happening again. A dog stalking the property? When the owner steps out to smoke, maybe take a patrol and check on cars, cut down the hedge part...

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