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  1. How does one get a monthly bill from TotalPlay? I have been a subscriber since they first arrived but have never received a bill from them. I too pay monthly at OXXO but it sure would be nice to be able to pay on line. So the OXXO receipt is all I have.
  2. Several years ago I worked with a group that provided horse therapy on the boulevard in La Floresta. We borrowed horses from the locals who kept them for rent around that area. The group worked for a couple of years. When we ended, the work continued at a ranch east of Chapala near Vista del Lago. This family had several horses and was quite active, as I recall. My ancient memory seems to recal the Name "Cooper" but don't quote me on that I would suggest a search back a couple or several years through this media might get you come information as I do recall reading about their work. Good luck
  3. I just returned from PV to Ajijic and accumulated 896p in toll charges.
  4. Well I see what my problem is. Thanks for all the information. I guess I will submit the car to a repair shop and let them worry about obtaining the two parts I need. I spoke to the deaaler and they said I would get a better price from a body shop than from them.
  5. If the parts shops don't carry spare parts, what do you suppose they do carry? I have always assumed they carried a limited range of parts and will order any item they do not stock.
  6. My vehicle needs a couple of body parts replaced. Has anyone had experience with either of the two parts outlets in the area? Re: availability, waiting time to order, accuracy of replacement parts, Etc?
  7. There is little or no relationship between hearing and tinnitis. At present there is not much relief for us tinnitis sufferers. I been through all the hoops and nothing has changed except my financial state. The hearing aid will not help your tinnitis but should help your hearing if you are having a problem. I recently read an article on the web that someone has made some significant progress in treating tinnitis but have lost the thread and cannot get any more info. Hope it pans out into some help.
  8. One of my biggest regrets when I moved here was that I did not bring my workshop tools. If I could do it again, I would ship them all.
  9. their number for tech help is 800 510 0510. I had a umber for Mario, local tech, and when I find it, I will send it to you. sorry about that.
  10. Get in touch with Wayne through the Have Hammers shop in Riberas.
  11. Get in touch with Wayne through the Have Hammers shop in Riberas. Sorry I don't have his number. He did a dicey tax return for me and did an excellent job.
  12. Get AdBlock or some other ad restricting program.
  13. The passport office will take the necessary photos for you. My wife just went through this procedure.
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