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  1. The fees are as follows: 2500 pesos per year, 4000 for couple, for two years, 600 pesos per year after that. 1000 peso one time fee to rent space if you have your own kayak. If you are interested in trying out kayaking we charge 150 pesos per day. You will need to be a guest of a member (this is never a problem as we are all happy to host new people). The fee includes use of the kayak, paddle, and vest. The member will also stay with you to guide you and help you. If you decide to become a member we also require that you take a safety test in the event you fall out of the kayak. As stated previously we get together for lunch at Maria Isabel on Thurs. around 11:30. Good time to meet members and inspect the equipment.
  2. Yes, we still exist! We go out 3 days a week. Monday at 4 pm, Thurs. at 8:30 am, and Sat. at 8:30 am. Thurs. we have lunch at Maria Isabel after kayaking so if you'd like more information and to meet some of the members come by around 11:30.
  3. We've been very happy with Oscar's work. Not so much with Miguel (Oscar's cousin). Tried to get some car seats upholstered by Miguel, ended up giving them away turned out so bad.
  4. I am open minded and I have done research, by reputable scientists not proponents of homeopathy. There is no scientific reason why homeopathy would work. As to the autistic child I would like to know more because my grandson is 6 and autistic, doesn't speak, fortunately no seizures.
  5. I suppose if you believe in it it might work. Look up placebo. As to what ailments, they can find a cure for just about anything.
  6. This is an interesting topic for me. We have a Toyota Highlander that unfortunately we'll have to get rid of. Being as it's 12 years old and we've gotten great use out of it I'm not as upset as if it had been a lot newer. My wife is a Mexican citizen, born here but lived most of her life in the U.S.. So what it looks like, if I'm understanding matters correctly, we could bring a used car down and have my wife have it nationalized. Can any Mexican citizen do this? Is there somewhere to look as to the procedure? We still have about 6 months before we need to take action but it's best to plan ahead.
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