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  1. Do you want concrete or cantera stone? If the later try the cantera stone yard next to Tobolandia. They had several in stock the last time I was there or they can custom make one for you.
  2. Between 1.5 and 2 hours, definitely under 3. I remember the times when we had to waste all morning waiting. To those of you who don't like going to Guadalajara or waiting for any length of time by all means get someone to help you. I've never had a problem driving in Mexico and with my wife being Mexican it admittedly helps.
  3. We did ours the end of January. Very easy, maybe 1.5 hrs. total. They have lines set up outside for what you need to have done. Get a number and they'll tell you what line to stand in. Once they call you go upstairs to the window. Really wasn't that crowded and no problem social distancing. Expect to pay more than last year. My wife and I are 72 and it was about 12,000p each.
  4. Time will tell. Of course nothing is guaranteed and one would be foolish to spend what they don't have, counting chickens and all that. But as of now the signs are more favorable than not.
  5. No, he promised to send out an additional $1400 which along with the $600 would give the $2000.
  6. Last year everyone that was eligible received a check for $1200. Towards the end of the year everyone that was eligible received a check for $600 with the hope that an additional check for $1400 would soon be available. Unless something happens that $1400 check is supposed to go out towards the middle or end of March.
  7. $600 stimulus check. Remember the first one last year, $1200? Hopefully we'll be receiving the 3rd check,$1400, by the middle of March.
  8. Picked up mine today. Post office said they just received it yesterday.
  9. If you need another reason to not take the toll road to Costco and environs. We took the road this morning as usual (we only live 5 min. from the entrance to the toll) and were surprised to see that that rate has gone up to 96p from 75p. Not sure if it's worth the extra 10 minutes I save.
  10. Curious if anyone that has their stimulus check mailed to them as opposed to direct deposit received it yet. Previously after reading in a thread on this board about checking with the post office to see if your check was there I went to the PO that serves my community and low and behold there it was. No telling how many months it was sitting there. Was told that we should have received a notice but of course this being Mexico.... We've already checked again for the latest check but nothing.
  11. Farmacia Guadalajara. Super cheap and fast. Just be careful of which one you go to though. I went to the one on the carretera up from LCS and the background they used was pieces of white paper which showed up in the photo and was thus declined by the consulate. Which ever one you go to make sure the background is solid white with no shadows.
  12. Unless they've changed since the last time we went a couple of weeks ago they weren't open until 10:00, and that was for everyone.
  13. With the covid pandemic going on has the procedure for renewing changed any? It doesn't seem very healthy to be packed into a room with dozens of people.
  14. Good to know. A couple of days ago I had the same exact bug staring at me through our office window as I was on the computer!
  15. I'm feeling your pain Mitch. I was born in San Diego and lived there most of my life. My wife still has most of her family living there. In normal years we would have made at least 2 trips up north. I missed my 50 year college reunion at USD. We talk to them almost daily so are aware of what's happening. Stay safe and healthy and hopefully in the near future we'll be able to travel again.
  16. Following advice I saw on the forum here I checked with the post office that handles the mail for our area and low and behold there was a check waiting! We were told that we should have been notified that we had to pick up the letter, but oh well. I'm having the same problem depositing/cashing it that others have mentioned. Has anyone found an easy way to accomplish this? Opening another account at a different bank (already have one at BBVA) is not an option. The Paypal option would maybe work if I didn't already have the check in my possession. We have an account in the states at a credit union and they do have e-deposit but the app is so bad it rarely works. Has anyone been able to cash their check at a casa de cambio? The one in Chapala said they can't but one in Guadalajara could. My last option is to send to check back to my sister-in-law in San Diego and have her deposit it in our credit union account.
  17. So do I have to go to the Chapala P.O. to get my check?
  18. Across from Soriana, next door to the wood shop there is a store that will repair small tools. I had an angle grinder repaired there. Sometimes they have to send it to Guadalajara though, but at least they know where to have it done.
  19. Woke up this morning and noticed that the time on my computer was an hour behind and that our phones were also behind. So far everyone we talked to was also unaware.
  20. That's to renew a visa though. On the website for getting a passport and the e-mail reply I received yesterday they state that only emergency passports would be issued and they want to know what the emergency is.
  21. Thanks for the replies. I did e-mail the consulate and was told that they are basically closed except for emergencies. Since we don't know when we'll be able to go back north I'll just wait to renew.
  22. My passport is due for renewal the beginning of November. I've visited the website, printed the forms and need to make an appointment. I have the phone # for the embassy but when I call I get a recording asking for my pin#. What's this and where would I get one.
  23. I would certainly hate to be the person that had to work in a smoke filled environment. I'm all for the new law.
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