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  1. My personal favorite is Herreria Tempisque. He's done a lot of work for me, but as stated before since he is good the wait might be longer. http://ajijicsteel.mex.tl/
  2. My wife just had an appointment there yesterday. She is a cancer survivor and had her operation there 5 years ago. As with all things IMSS patience is required. On more than one occasion we have had appointments scheduled and then upon showing up on that date we're told that the doctor isn't there. The hospital itself looks fairly new compared to others that I've been in. For some reason the elevator to the upper floors seems to be out of service more than it should for a hospital. Don't expect an IMSS hospital to compare with a hospital in the states or the more expensive ones in Guadalajara. Be prepared for more people and the resulting problems that incurs.
  3. My wife and I drove up to Az in August and then back down 2 weeks later going through Nogales. No problems at all unless you don't take into account a flat tire and almost hitting a horse. We stayed in Navojoa. As mentioned always try to stay on the cuotas.
  4. 7.5! I would call that a major quake.
  5. Took me back to my days living in California.
  6. Just now, the walls shaking and light fixtures swaying.
  7. Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately where I live it would be very hard to find someone who had eaten at Pancho's. That's the reason that I posted here, to find out if others might have been affected that day. I would hesitate to confront Pancho without additional facts. It was a difficult decision to make to post on here. I don't like to jump to conclusions without facts, but without asking how does one get those facts. In the end it came down to public safety. We love Pancho's, will continue to shop and eat there. I regret if this post has offended anyone.
  8. Yes. Just after you leave the mercado heading back to Chapala.
  9. I haven't seen anyone mention it here yet. We went to Mercado de Abastos today and on the way back home noticed that they are building a new Home Depot about 2 blocks east of the Mercado. Always nice to combine trips.
  10. Thanks, I should know better by now. Corrected.
  11. I would but I it would also be nice to see if anyone else had the same problem. This was with the hamburgers.
  12. My wife and I were out yesterday afternoon around 1:00 and decided to eat at Pancho's. We've eaten there before and have always enjoyed the food. We both ordered the hamburger with fries. We thought the fries were exceptional and the hamburger buns were great. The problem is we both ended up with diarrhea. I'm not trying to disparage Pancho's or tell people never to eat there but if they had a problem it would be good to know and get it taken care of.
  13. Agree with all your points but I couldn't see spending over 200,000p over the msrp on my BRV. Same great reliability, economy, seats 7 and with the 3rd seat removed probably more room than the CRV. As you say utility is paramount, I can do without the luxuries.
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