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  1. We always go through Aguascalientes, Zacatecas, Chihuahua and out through the Santa Teresa crossing. Then we catch I 25 and go straight north. All of the Mexican cities have bypasses around them so you don't have to go through the cities themselves. I don't have great recommendations on where to stay because we always travel with our truck and camper so stay at Pemexes or toll booths. A...

  2. We aren't planning to go to Denver anytime soon. Not sure if we will drive this year because of Bill's health. When are you planning to go?

  3. Please write me at lindaherrin@gmail.com or do you have instant messenger? I don't have a landline phone where I live so it's easier to communicate by computer. I have both google talk and skype. My husband has had two bouts of shingles in the past four months.

  4. Ain't that the truth! Insanity reigns.

    1. Lynnmac


      Lake heron. I has tried 1000 avenues looking for African Grey and even got scammed by an adoption add Could you please please give me the breeder in your areas contact info. Thank you

  5. I have never used them. Thanks for the warning. I am really knowledgeable about local docs and a lot of A list docs in Guad since my husband has been ill for so long!

  6. Would love the papers, yes. And love to see you too.

  7. Ellie, do you mean I can take my dogs to Early Bird Cafe? If so, I do know that! I'll have to try taking the only little fid I own, a doxie whom I adopted about four months ago. The rest of my fids either don't like to leave their yard or are on guard duty. We have two dobes, one boxer, one street dog lab and the doxie. If I add another one my husband will be beyond exasperated. heehee

  8. I will contact a friend who can help me contact the person in charge. Stay tuned...



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