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  1. I have still not been advised on how to delete a post. And I still think it is a flaw in board such as this. If you make a honest post on a subject and other people are commenting on it why should you be allowed to arbitrarily go in and wipe it out? Just my opinion.
  2. I am still waiting to find out how a post can be deleted after the fact. My bla, bla, bla post above referred to a now disappeared post by AngusMactavish citing numerous "studies" relating to dogs (and many other animals) transmitting disease to humans. Taking this to a more absurd level, how about banning humans from public places. After all, It was the Spaniards in the 16th century who wiped out millions of indigenous people (some studies say up to 80% of the population) during The Conquest of México by bringing their terrible infectious diseases here. I am more concerned by people sneezing and coughing and contaminated food in restaurants than innocent little dogs. If this is such a great concern to some, why not make a simple phone call to the facility you want to visit beforehand and ask "do you allow dogs?"
  3. If so, it seems to me that this is a flaw in the system. If someone posts something that a lot of the following posters comment on (god or bad) and then the first poster simply can go in and delete his original post then it makes the others look foolish because there will be no context. Many, many posters so not use the "quote" feature, they simply use the handle name to refer to the quote or by posting immediately below it such as I am doing here. Why should someone be "let off the hook" in retrospect after others have commented on what he/she has said? If anyone has the answer to this let me know. There might be a few quotes that I have made in the past that maybe I should reconsider. I know there has been a lot or rewriting history recently, but do not think it should apply to a simple, honest web-board.
  4. I did not "quote" him. I simply made my post under his. Are you saying that a person can go back and eliminate a past post on a subject?
  5. In a recent thread (Now I've Seen it All...........) there was a long drawn out post by AngusMactavish regarding supposed research concerning dogs transmitting disease to humans. I pointed out the absurdity of of this regarding the point that OP was trying to make. Revisiting the thread I see that the AngusMactavish post was eliminated leaving my response hanging and seeming irrelevant. Can he or anybody go back and change history on this board? When I first joined over 10 years ago there were many more posts here providing good information and discussions on local activity. Now with all the "likes" and counts of posts it seems like it is a popularity contest with the same cadre of posters all seem to be weighing in on everything even if what they are saying is just bla, bla. bla. Now, if someone can go back and eliminate a post just because it was pointed out to be stupid or not relevant this is a whole new ball game. Just my opinion.
  6. What happened to that huge long rant posted by that McTavich (?) guy to this subject? I responded to him and then it disappeared making my response irreverent. How can a post simply go away?
  7. I am certain that no one would intentionally walk their dog down the middle of a fresh poured sidewalk. Think about it...is it not likely that the dog was a throw away "street dog"? Maybe you should consider adopting one?
  8. Bla, bla, bla..You are more likely to get many life threatening conditions from a bad buffet or salad at your local restaurant then a simple everyday interaction with a dog.
  9. In my humble opinion i think the OP is way overreacting. First, if this lady is so attached to her dog it probably is bathed and cared for better than some humans. I happen to have two adopted "street dogs" who sleep at the bottom of my bed every night and I am as healthy as a horse. All this hysteria about dogs in restaurants, aircraft or wherever is blown way out of proportion. Millions of dogs live and interact with people all over the world and I have seen no research or evidence of dogs transmitting anything to humans except unrequited love. Maybe in a medical situation there should be some caution but she was told "We always disinfect after each patient." I happen to be a longtime patient of Dr.Candy and have had nothing but positive experiences even under some difficult circumstances. I take her at her word and know that she, as a caring medical profesional, was trying to do the best she could for a harried patient. I think that dogs sometimes get a bad rap.
  10. Water pooling up at the west end of the footbridge in San Antonio that leads to the malecon from the foot of Jesus Garcia. Impassable except if you have rubber waders. Have to reroute my daily walk from this scenic area...not a happy camper!
  11. Please do not listen to all the soothsayers pontificating here. Jaime who is mentioned above has moved from San Antonio to Chapala. His card says Servicio de Auto Electrico y Diagnostico and his cell phone is 333-137-5977. You would not go to a podiatrist for a heart problem.
  12. Where is Kinda Bazar? Gracias
  13. Took my daily walk today across the footbridge in front of my house from Jesus Garcia to the malecon in San Antonio and the water at the western side was only a few inches from flooding the bridge there. The bridge was not built when I moved here in 2008 but it looks like the water is about as high as it was them, which is the highest I have seen since. Yes, it has been much higher as I can attest, such as in the mid 70's during my very first excursion to Chapala, when the pier was under water and the old (then abandoned) railroad station was flooded. I hope that it does not get higher since I will have to change my daily walk to a less scenic route as the footbridge will be underwater.
  14. This is why I am so not into Facebook. So hard to understand, no menu, street address (not familiar to me), but no specific cross street or specific directions, no phone number. Facebook sucks!!!
  15. Your OP was not clear. Does your friend have a car parked at the airport? If so and with good eyesight and decent driving skills no problem driving to Ajijic. If not or if he/she is concerned about driving, for about $500 there is a line of taxies just outside the exit of the airport. Buy a ticket at a booth there and the drivers are all registered and insured.
  16. Correction...that would be Hotel Nido
  17. I think you're referring to the Hotel Nida (nest) where I used to stay on my visits way back in the day. Now City hall and across from the church, I remember being jarred awake at 6:30 in the mornings by Very loud bells announcing the morning service. I found this old post that shows some great photos including one of the train station under water that I saw for myself: http://www.lake-chapala.com/lake-chapala-title-hotel-nido-chapala-id-picture-18.html
  18. My first visit here umpteen years ago I saw the then abandoned old railroad station under a few feet of water. Up and down, the world goes around.
  19. If she moved she moved from Centro Laguna. Who's on first?
  20. OK, thanks for that. Not like traditional spell-check...after you type in a misspelled word it gives a drop-down of the suggested replacement. This is OK but what if you are cutting and pasting a block of type and there are misspelled words? Still like the traditional red underline, right click and getting many replacement suggestions. Just asking. Maybe Mr. Google is not a smart as i thought.
  21. I use this a lot...don't we all!!! Something has been bothering me for a long time. When i enter English text into the box at left I have to make absolutely sure that all the spelling is correct (I am not a good speller) since there is no spell-check that usually has a red line under misspelled words. When I ask the young guy that I hire part time for computer work he simply shrugs his shoulders and says "No lo sé". He claims that this feature is not available on Google spell-check. I simply refuse to believe that since Mr. Google is the smartest person on Earth (is this not true?). Is there a magic fix for this? Gracias
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