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  1. Sorry about the problem with your husband. I would suggest that his problem was not due to the generic but a natural occurrence. As far as I can tell by all the evidence I have seen and information here on this board, If you are buying a legal generic drug from a reputable pharmacy there will be no problems...they are the SAME...MISMO!!! As far as "On some other drugs I buy generics.. but never similar.." I am not understanding that since there is no such name of a drug (similar)...it is either the original brand or a generic...both the same!!!
  2. I started by sharing a box at IShop when I moved here full time 14 years ago (my anniversary is this month!). About 3 years later the primary boxholder moved back El Norte and I took over the box. This is a medium box and the rent is US$384 a year (with a 2 month bonus). Over all the years since I have had folks sharing the box and always at the maximum of 4. I have had no problem finding replacements at US$80 per year. Only once was there an "overweight" charge so you have to make sure that your box partners are not receiving a lot of magazines or other heavy mail. I have a business so have a little volume of outgoing UPS and Estafeta packages (no charge) and also some incoming packages, both direct from US (no charge) and through Laredo (small charge). I also get some packages from the artists I work with here in México and am not charged for these. I cannot give enough credit to Maria (the best!), Oscar and Cristian for thier great work and helping me throughout all these years. I would highly recommend them, and the best is they are located just a short distance from me in SAT, just East of Super Lake!!!
  3. This discussion of original vs. generic drugs is a non sequitur at best…they are the SAME!! Sn. Google: Are generic name drugs less effective? No. Generic medications are just as effective as brand-name drugs. According to the FDA, drug makers must prove that generic medications can be substituted for brand-name drugs and offer the same benefits as their brand-name counterparts. Now before I hear all the screaming; “you are quoting US law!” let me remind you what Yo1 said in a recent post here; “A law passed in Mexico several years ago disallowed ANY generic to be different than the original brand name drug.” As for counterfeit drugs…it is just as easy to counterfeit original drugs as it is a generic!!! So, you are free to spend your money as you want, but I much prefer saving 60% - 80% on my meds…and I remain a very healthy guy…for my age!!!
  4. Now, doesn't this make my argument all that much better? In fact you are right...I found a 2019 article announcing that Farmacias Similares was ADDING 300 locations to thier existing 6,400. My initial research was flawed in some way. However with medicine and drug laws being the most strictly enforced in most countries, I strongly doubt that a company this big would jeopardize the success they already have by "greasing palms". You can see a more detailed explanation of my views on this in my next post below.
  5. YOU read it!!! Here it is: "Your neurologist is confused or wrong. A law passed in Mexico several years ago disallowed ANY generic to be different than the original brand name drug. Don't expect drs to know everything. I used to work at the U of Oregon Medical School and drs were forever telling patients what was covered by their insurance or Medicare when the doctor either had outdated info or was just plain wrong." Again: Where did she say anything regarding US law??? Don't mess with me since I only deal in FACTS!!! Just to be clear here is how YOU responded to her very logical post: "yo1 whatever is allowed in the US has nothing to do with what is allowed in Mexico, each country has its own rule , and you just cannot generalized. Just because Mexico passed a law, does not mean they arew following it either.. We all know that money talks so who knows.."
  6. Where did she say anything regarding US law??? We live here and good or not so good we have to live under Mexican law. she said "A law passed in Mexico several years ago disallowed ANY generic to be different than the original brand name drug." Why are you trying to confuse the issue???
  7. All farmacias are licensed and CHECKED for standards set for ALL drugs including generics. You and your doctor can have your opinions but not your own FACTS!!! Do you think that a medical chain with over 200 locations would jeopardize their exitance in this manner???
  8. What I quickly discovered in México many years ago is that there are no pharmacists working behind the desks at most farmacias. They are simply low wage clerks with scant or no medical knowledge. This includes Walmart, Pharmacia Guadalajara and Similares. It is imperative to closely check the labels for dosage as well as the actual drug name. I am not a stockholder or have no reason to defend Similares except that I have checked and they have over 200 locations throughout México and I get the best prices for generics as well as such health products as retinol and iron capsules.
  9. From my understanding if the patent of an approved drug has expired, other licensed drug manufacturers are allowed to replicate and market it. Of course you always have to do your own checking but I would think if it is purchased at a recognized, licensed pharmacy and you check the label you should be OK. As far as counterfeits, I would think that a major pharmaceutical chain store selling recognized brand generics would be your best bet.
  10. Similares Pharmacy is the NAME of the chain (a play on words). If you have a prescription and the patent on the drug has expired you can buy a generic (the exact same drug) at Similares Pharmacy of any other pharmacy (if they carry it). You are very confused!!!
  11. Kind of entertaining...but BOOOORING!!! And what is that brand of tequila again???
  12. Lots of luck on that!!! Can you say 2008 all over again...and much worse???
  13. Of course inflation is happening here...."When the US sneezes, México catches the flu". Look at the disaster unfolding El Norte (and don't blame Putin!). It is here now and we will have to live with it until and if they get thier S--T together up there!!! I just gave my maids and gardeners (a family who has worked for me for over 12 years) a 20% raise since they are the real victims of this insane maleficence!!!
  14. Your numbers are a total joke!!! Oil and gas are fungible and worldwide numbers...The US numbers were directly affected by you know who restricting drilling, fracking, pipeline construction and more. The US was energy independent and a net exporter before you know who took over...GET REAL!!!!
  15. There was a post here a while ago that Walmart has this but just went there and yes, canes (folded) but no separate rubber tips. Had a very bad hip replacement here years ago, fixed by the VA Hospital in Phoenix, but still need my cane for my daily walk along the SAT malecon and then along the cobblestone streets back home. Rubber tip wore out and would like to replace it since the cane is still great. Maybe someone has one in a closet; will buy from you or share a tequila. Gracias
  16. Similares Pharmacy sells Generic drugs...in other words drugs that are not exclusive to a Big Pharma company since the patent has expired. Sn. Google: A generic drug is a pharmaceutical drug that contains the same chemical substance as a drug that was originally protected by chemical patents. Generic drugs are allowed for sale after the patents on the original drugs expire. Thankfully I only take small doses of a blood pressure and a cholesterol medication but I go to Similares at the top of Colon in Ajijic on Mondays to stock up since they offer a 20% discount.
  17. If you substitute the word Liberals for the word Conservatives in the title would you consider it troll bait??? Me thinks not!!!
  18. gringohombre


    As a directional and tech impaired person could someone give simple driving instructions from the West where many expats are located (yours truly in SAT). Have many choices nearby but like to explore other food opportunities and will surely venture out there with directions that I can follow without getting lost. I think that many folks here will appreciate this without a "check Google or Facebook". I did click the Facebook link provided here but did not see any simple driving instructions. This would also work for other reviews here. Gracias
  19. It might "still" be a free society, however they do not allow free speech...only that which they, and the politicians they donate huge amounts ($$$) to deem "appropriate". Can you say George Orwell and "1984"???
  20. Facebook SUCKS!!! Do not have a personal account...only business. When I say SUCKS, it literally sucks up your whole life and redistributes it anywhere they can make a BUCK. That and and all those insidious "SOCIAL MEDIA" platforms are creating ZOMBIE populations throughout the world!!!
  21. WHHHHHHHHAT!!! I have had a few vino tintos...don't know or care what this guy has had!!!
  22. I had the same experience recently in my house with a large bee that one of my dogs was trying to catch. I got a kitchen towel and caught the bee to take it outside but it stung me through the towel. I immediately got the Raid can out and blasted it. So much for trying to kind to insects!!! The sting went away in about an hour and the bee went into the trash can!!!
  23. I know that I will be advised to go to a specialist, and I will, but just seeking feedback from someone here that might have some input to my situation. About 7 years ago I made a bad decision and had a hip replacement here that went very wrong and a few days later fell apart. Long story short, I made it to the VA Hospital in Phoenix and they were able to go in and do the repair. It will never be perfect but recently I am having a lot of pain and it is affecting my daily walk. I am enrolled in the Seguro Popular health care system here (name has changed) and would like to start with them with an X-ray, CT Scan or MRI that I can present to get an initial look and possible referral to an Orthopedic specialist there to get an opinion. I am enrolled at the small clinic here in SAT and would just like to start with one of these 3 (X-ray, CT Scan or MRI). I know that I am looking for a long shot that someone here has a possible informed opinion on this but maybe will get lucky. Gracias
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