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  1. Not recent in terms of the lake situation. In my 14 years full time and travels to the area for many years before that (mostly for business in the Tonala area with visits here), I have seen drastic changes even year over year. I have seen the lake almost disappear with the shoreline going out miles, and also flooding to the extent of the pier covered to a depth of water and the train station and surrounding area completely flooded. I am sure that this is historic, and nothing to do with "global warming"!!!
  2. WHHHHHHHHAT!!! I think that I will have to report you to “Big Sister” of the new DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH!!! Neither I nor anyone else here even mentioned climate change!!! You “New Green Dealers” try to find anything to support and promote insane, unnecessary and stupid policies. How about all the poor folks El Norte who are paying double to fill their gas tanks, heat and cool their homes??? Meanwhile the dictators of Russia, Venezuela and Iran are laughing all the way to the bank!!! And yes...CLIMATE CHANGES!!!
  3. You need to get a life also!!! It would seem to me that a person posting a link to an article on current climate conditions would check it's publication date!!! Who is observant???
  4. The title of the article posted here is: Chapala and Jocotepec affected by drought, reports CONAGUA. This section of the board is: Ajijic/Chapala/Guadalajara. I am relating info from my observations HERE!!! Please get a life!!!
  5. The lake is doing fine. I walk every day across the little foot bridge near my house and along the SAT malecon so I can see all the variations year to year for the last 14. The lake level is at a higher point now at the end of this dry season than normally at this time of year. Also some of this has to do with releasing water from the dams upriver. Not sure about a drought since I thought that last years rainy season was above average.
  6. Finally getting the attention he craves!!!
  7. Very good, but beware....very, very thin crust. Adelitas now has a wood oven and the crust is medium and more to my liking!!!
  8. It is what it is...get over it!!! All things considered (I lived in the LA area for many years) this is still PARADISE!!!
  9. Maybe he is just sitting back, laughing and enjoying all the attention he is finally getting...same for Angus!!!
  10. I was told taught that you should never talk about or disclose a lady's age!!!
  11. Maybe she is not happy that her age was outed!!! I had a birthday a few days and and sure would not like to have my age publicized here or anywhere else!!!
  12. I guess that most here have an idea of what I said. Maybe Elon Musk will buy this platform!!!
  13. ...........................................Deleted slightly political portion of this interesting post. The evil MOD5.................................................................. I sincerely hope that the beautiful Monarch butterflies survive this normal climate change that this amazing planet has been going through for 3 billion+ years!!!
  14. Update!!! OK, my IShop box is called small although it is big enough for the maximum of 4 people sharing it...if they collect every week or so. I was quoting an old rate but in fact it is now US$420 (with 2 month bonus) a year with all the other benefits I mentioned before. As the boxholder, I have been lucky since my box mates only get regular mail volume with minimum magazines, catalogues, etc. that could trigger extra "overweight" fees. All in all I would give them an A+!!!
  15. I would suggest that you remove the buzzer completely. Many bad guys use the buzzer to see if anyone is at home. A "no answer" could trigger further, not so good action on thier part!!!
  16. I have my American Express card registered there and notice that I am getting charged a "Foreign Transaction Fee" for transactions. It is a Centurion card and I do earn points. Would it be better for me to change this to my Bancomer debit card? I am going to be ordering a 42" TV from there tomorrow. Also any recommendations on what brand? Gracias.
  17. Smoking weed is legal here now!!!
  18. Valium IS diazepam...diazepam IS Valium!!! Get over it and maybe it's time to take your meds!!!
  19. Maybe it is called a small small box...it is what most of the boxes there are. Anyway they allow 4 people to share it. I will check and report back.
  20. I am getting tired of correcting you. Again, Sn. Google: Diazepam oral tablet is available as both a generic and a brand-name drug. Brand name: Valium. They are both the SAME!!! Maybe you are taking them in different dosages or there are different conditions existing when you are taking them. I am going to have to start billing you for these lessons... And as for; "veryhealthy people don't need meds", I happen to take low doses of 2 very safe and effective generics; 5mg. of Amlodipino for slightly elevated blood pressure and 10mg. of Pravastatina for slightly high cholesterol. These are PREVENTATIVE drugs that KEEP me very healthy...so there!!!
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