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  1. My sole daily water intake consists of a large pot of coffee in the morning (8 cups or 4 mugs of ground fresh ground beans w/natural cream/no sugar). Then a large glass of real juice with my first and main meal between 1 - 2 PM. Maybe a few more mugs of coffee during the afternoon. Then as the sun sets over the yardarm I will start with my first vino tinto (mostly water, right?) and have my second and final smaller meal (cheese and crackers, fruit and maybe nuts) around 8 - 9PM. Some TV (documentaries and true crime) with another couple of vino tintos and then to bed with my kindle to continue reading my favorite downloaded books. I have a large 5 gallon water dispenser in my kitchen, only used by the maids. It seems to me that my water intake is OK since I have a couple of pee reliefs during the day, one large one in the middle of the night and another after awakening in the morning. My thought is that water intake is best gauged by thirst. I do not seem to have any thirst during the day and my health is good at the advanced age I have accomplished. Never have I understood the pure H2O thing...water is water and all that I drink during the day is mostly water as far as I am concerned. Works for me!!!
  2. My tips...I have a little electric space heater in the winter that I turn ON and place in front of me wherever I am in the house. Have a fireplace that I have never used. In the summer I have a stand up swivel fan that I turn ON and place somewhere in the room that cools me off. Last summer and so far this year, I have had not to use this at all.
  3. I don't know where you have lived in the past, but I have lived in some HOT, HUMID places and as far is I can tell this is just about the best weather you could hope for!!! Never lived in the frigid North but you can see by the numbers of Snowbirds that flock here every winter that we are certainly in the best place to live in ANY season!!!
  4. This is not the weather here Lakeside you are talking about...are you sure that you are on the right board??? However, ramble on...kind of amusing actually!!!
  5. My advise to anyone who will listen, is to stay away from these completely. You own your home but some "committee" is setting extra costs that you have to pay and have no control of, and tell you how to live your life??? Completely ridiculous!!! I myself, much prefer renting since if there is something that comes up that you do not like you can just move on. Fortunately I found a great rental 14 years ago and renew my lease every year...and oh, do not fall for the trick of having to pay the rent in US$$$!!!
  6. Is this the Lakeside web board, or am I in the wrong place??? As far as I know we have one of the best year around climates in the world!!! Now, I have lived in some HOT, HUMID places and this ain't one of them!!! And what does all if this have to do with a silly little game of guessing when the rains will come?
  7. I don't give a good GD you know what about what anybody here or anywhere says says about me. I do not deal with any of that since I have a LIFE, unlike others here and elsewhere!!!
  8. This is exactly why I have never been on Twitter, Facebook or any of those other insane "Social Media" platforms...Everything just goes completely off kilter, anything goes and nothing makes any sense!!! Why don't we just keep it on topic and deal in FACTS???
  9. June 14th...the last day of the Fiesta here in SAT!!! Due to all the Banda music and celebration, Tlaloc the Aztec rain god, will reward us with a downfall just like he did in 2008, my first year living here full time!!!
  10. Yes, you are right...Pedro Loco (RIP) and it WAS the Tequila Republic at this time!!!
  11. Aw yeah...memories!!! The old Posada and this restaurant (what was the name?). I remember many wonderful lunches...the food not great but the view and ambience wonderful. When I saw this photo and the metal shutter on the left, it rang a bell. I went back through some of my old photos and found this one of the same spot...Poncho and his Burro!!! Not sure how Argentina ribs will fit in but willing to give it a try.
  12. How do you apply this? I have a large lawn that I maintain with a sprinkler that now has a few barren areas. Do you spread out the seeds and hope for the best? do you water the area? Also with the rainy season not far away, will the the seeds get washed away. I have a father and son gardener team but mostly just for maintenance, raking leaves and trimming. I will talk to them about this but hope to get a little feed back here first. Gracias
  13. The tequila must be very good in PV!!!
  14. PLEEEEEEZE!!! How about the millions of Uyghurs in concentration camps in China, and all the political dissidents jailed in Russia, Iran and other authoritarian countries around the world!!! Nothing close to what is happening here. Not perfect, neither is the US or Canada, but much better than most!!! Get your FACTS straight!!! Also the current US border policy is giving the Mexican cartels free reign to smuggle hundreds of thousands of illegals (millions since you know who took over) plus all the drugs that are killing thousands and the cartels collect US$billions!!! What is wrong with this picture!!!
  15. Yes, there is a lot of violence here in México but mostly in the border states and areas controlled by the cartels...however this is very much gang on gang violence. They are not coming after us expats living on SS and pensions. Yes, there could be a very, very small amount of "collateral damage", but by in large we are much safer than in many areas of the US that have devolved into high crime and gun zones taken over by everyday criminals. Even places such as Beverly Hills and upscale restaurants on Melrose Blvd. that I know very well from my LA days are targeted. Even previously safe tourist zones such as Times Square in NY are subjected to daylight muggings and robberies. Many US chain stores and pharmacies in inner cities are closing locations that are subject to daily shoplifting and gang takeover robberies...who is this hurting most!!! Every day I say "thank you God" for my choice to relocate here!!!
  16. I was being facetious...YOU can look this up in the dictionary!!!
  17. I would also add that some here post long diatribes of basically BS and tripe that either do not address specifics or FACTS, just to boost thier own egos!!! Is that an oxymoron???
  18. I would leave Mexico out of that equation (they are nowhere near the worse). Of course China is by far the worse, add India and Russia...and yes the US is up there also!!!
  19. The oxymoron is that everyone on this board has everyone else’s interests here in their best interest. In many cases, not so!!!
  20. Why don't YOU get on your mule and move to another area!!! So rude!!!
  21. Yeah...wear your masks and these lines will head straight down (the GDP already is)...ja, ja, ja!!!
  22. The NUN has spoken...I am hiding my knuckles!!! Read my post and then read a history of this lake going back hundreds if not thousands of years and you might learn something!!!
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