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  1. How come that lower SAT (where I rent in front of the lake) has no water problems and in the more "upscale" Ribaras del Pilar next store seems to have continuing water problems??? Just curious....
  2. Or just stay away from those potential self inflicted problems to begin with!!!
  3. Try Similares generic brand Pravastatina. Not sure about 80 mg. I buy 10 mg. there at a very low price.
  4. Are you a poor or even middle class family up there paying DOUBLE to fill your gas tank??? And God help them when the have to heat thier homes this coming winter and what about the HUGE inflation on food and other necessities??? And now up there they are buying oil and gas from Russia, Irian and even talking to Venezuela when they were oil independent 2 years ago!!! All of this because they were held hostage by this cartel (they do not "encourage"...they DEMAND) and then forced to pay double to these dictators who are laughing all the way to the bank!!! Do these countries negotiate policy with "new green dealers"...NO...because they would all be in JAIL or worse!!!
  5. Here come the Nun, here come the Nun...with her sad face and I am sure a sermon to follow!!!
  6. Very short and intense late yesterday afternoon with heavy rain for about 20 minutes. Power went out and just came back 15 minutes ago here in Lower SAT.
  7. Please read the post...I said to turn the oven off and just use the timer...that is what the OP is looking for!!!
  8. Have a toaster/oven with a timer: turn to the off position and set the timer to desired time...very accurate and sounds a bell when done!!!
  9. I thought that there was a post on this just a few days ago but cannot find it. Years ago I had a completely botched hip replacement here that thankfully was "reconstructed" by VA Healthcare in Phoenix, USA. It will never be the same but still doing my daily half hour walk along the malecon here in SAT. Recently there has been a lot of pain in the calf area of the same lower leg that seems to radiate from the hip area. Tried an electric air compression leg massager as well as hand massage in the area with little or no relief. Would like to try acupuncture and looking for some feedback on this procedure as well as references. Gracias
  10. Please be aware: THERE IS NO PERFECT CLIMATE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD...but this is close!!!
  11. This guy says: "Go other places and then you might find a real reason to gripe about the weather." …and this is your response??? My response is, using your own words: What an arrogant, rude post directed towards someone you obviously know nothing about. PLEEEEEEZE!!!
  12. Congratulations...you got 4 SADS for this....I ONLY GOT 2 for also defending our fantastic weather here!!! There are handful of posters here whose fingers are itching to hit the SAD thingy. I have asked a number of times to please explain in plain English what is making them SAD all the time...but never any response!!!
  13. The SADS were not for the post that you are referencing, which was part of a discussion on the benefits of drinking gallons of straight H20 vs. liquids in other forms. The SADS were for this post: "I don't know where you have lived in the past, but I have lived in some HOT, HUMID places and as far is I can tell this is just about the best weather you could hope for!!! Never lived in the frigid North but you can see by the numbers of Snowbirds that flock here every winter that we are certainly in the best place to live in ANY season!!!" Why don't you get your FACTS straight before you butt in here with insults!!!
  14. And by the way, many recent studies show very high health benefits in daily consumption of coffee...and the more the better!!!
  15. So three glasses of vino tinto over a 6 hour period is excessive??? I would refer you to many studies the show a small amount of daily consumption of red wine has many health benefits...how is that for a little more good sense???
  16. I was responding to this post: "Best to have a container of water sitting by you at home and sip on it every 15 minutes. Water is important for hydration and intestinal function" I think this is quite excessive and compulsive. I have heard of such activity before and in fact did some research and the results were all over the place. Some say that yes, there should be a lot of consumption of pure water during the day and others say that in most cases the consumption of the types if liquids that I consume in a normal day are sufficient (and yes, including a normal discharge of said liquids). I thought that this board is for discussions, and in particular among us of a "certain age" here regarding health issues among many more topics. I was not looking for medical advice, but maybe some other points of view on this subject. Sorry that I might have offended your sensibilities!!!
  17. If they are US manufactured they can be sent with the USMCA Low Value statement on the bottom of an invoice to avoid any customs duty or tax: USMCA LOW VALUE SHIPMENT (Under US$2500) "I hereby certify that the goods covered by this shipment qualifies as an originating good for the purposes of preferential tariff treatment under USMCA/T- MEC/CUSMA." MADE IN THE USA
  18. Hola, I see that you are a very new member here...Welcome! I owned a very nice home in Southern California for many years, and just before my move here to live full time in 2008 the bottom fell out of the housing market there. Luckily, I had refinanced a few years prior and had pulled out a lot of cash. When I left, the house was way upside down so I just put the key in the mailbox and called my bank to say Adious. Most of us here are of a "certain age" and myself, I went the rental route and have not looked back. Besides the risk factor I mentioned, as well as what you are experiencing, I got lucky in that my landlord is a rich Mexican family in Guadalajara and If anything goes wrong (water pump, leaks, electrical, plumbing, you name it), I call Ismael my handyman, he gives me the estimate, I submit it, get the approval (100% so far) and deduct from the next months rent. Too old to be messing with this stuff myself!!! Hope you get your situation under control and hopefully in the long run this will be the best situation for you. ¡Buena suerte!
  19. SHOCKED!!! I got 2 SADS for this positive post about our wonderful weather!! PLEEEZE tell me what you are so sad about???
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