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  1. Silly, silly, silly!!! from a silly discredited magazine if it was even there (no link). And again why are you tying your hardest to take this WAAAAAY off topic??? Maybe because you are one of those who agree with the 20% of those in recent polls who checked the box "Doing a good job". You have no idea of how to respond to the OP's observation about the rapid and increasing decline in the dollar value vs the peso in the past year. Just open your eyes and stay off the FAKE NEWS!!!
  2. I thought that the LEFT was supposed to have the poor and the maligned as thier core constituency???
  3. WHAAAAAAAAAAAT??? Nothing compared to Clinton!!! And what does this have to do with the devaluation of the peso here because of the financial disaster unfolding up there???
  4. From what I understand this is primarily emissions testing with the other things thrown in just to try to justify this stupid money grab. All vehicles that are newer than 5 - 10 years old have all the anti pollution devises installed so the testing system should "time-out" in not too many years (don't hold your breath!). So again, the poor with older vehicles are suffering the most, just like El Norte where gas prices have doubled in the last 18 months because of the pressure of the New Green Cartel!!!
  5. The whole thing is a scam and another government money grab...and who is going to suffer most...the poorest who are trying thier best to climb out of the very high poverty level here!!!
  6. Get your head out of the sand...reality is reality!!!!
  7. So sad...maybe things will start to change in November up there and thus reverse the decline here!!!
  8. How is the conversion rate at the ATM if you click NO on the "Do You Accept This conversion Rate"? And what is thier top amount in pesos to extract? Gracias
  9. FACT: In 2020 US was a net exporter of of oil and gas, in 2021 a net importer by a great deal...If you do not know the major reason I do not have the time of energy to explain here. There is one MAIN reason....can you say New Green Cartel??? You can pull out little tidbits like you are doing but the one glaring reason is government policy...get over it!!!
  10. I'm awake already and seeing and thinking clearer than ever...did you not see my 2 posts of a hour ago again laying out the FACTS!!!
  11. FACTS ARE FACTS!!! Sn. Google….In 2021, the United States imported about 8.47 million barrels per day (b/d) of petroleum from 73 countries. Petroleum includes crude oil, hydrocarbon gas liquids (HGLs), refined petroleum products such as gasoline and diesel fuel, and biofuels. Mar 9, 2022 How much oil was imported to the U.S. in 2020? The United States imported 2.2 billion barrels of crude oil from other countries.Sep 10, 2021 Yes, please go to church and pray that "certain people", NOT corporations, come to thier senses and reverse bad policy and implement good...
  12. You are a one trick pony...CORPORATIONS...CORPORATIONS...CORPORATIONS..... Prey tell, why did they wait until 18 months ago to start thier devious schemes??? Could it be...let's see, hmmmm...let's think about it...what happened 18 months ago??? BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLUS; the US was a net exporter of oil and gas 18 months ago and now are a huge importer...hmmmm, this is getting curiouser and curiouser...am I on to something here...who's the BOZO now???
  13. OK, I will revise my comment to TRAVELLING in México. If you keep to the toll roads and out of the cartel areas I would feel safer here than is some parts of LA, Chicago or many other urban areas in the US where car jackings have increased prolifically in the past few years!!!
  14. I feel VERY safe Lakeside and I have lived in some areas of Los Angeles that I would not want to be near now!!!
  15. Again, rambling and droning on and on and on trying to impress, with no meaning or relationship to what is being discussed on this thread. I am going to sleep!!!
  16. The NUN has spoken...although this has no relationship to the subject, she continuously wants to impress us with highfalutin lingo that makes no sense at all!!!
  17. "The dog ate my homework" !!! The buck stops where???
  18. The wealth disparity has increased dramatically in the last 18 months...have you seen the inflation figures up there (that are also here and in lockstep)??? Nothing to do with corporations!!!
  19. I had the TURP procedure many years ago due to enlarged prostrate plus recurring urinary track infections. I had many of the symptoms as the OP describes. I also was prescribed one of the meds mentioned, but doing research decided to go "natural" and have been using Saw Palmetto Extract with excellent results. Flowing good ever since!!!
  20. Get a life!!! What were the gas prices 18 months ago??? Was not the USA oil independent and even a net exporter 18 months ago??? And what happened 18 months ago...pipelines shut down (the completion of the Canadian pipeline alone could have prevented this)...drilling and fracking banned...regulations up the kazoo implemented and on and on!!! Please do not respond and show your brainwashing and bamboozlement by the Big Brother media and New Green Cartel. You were the one who said “Reaganomics” or “Trickle down economics” doesn’t always help the ones at the bottom rung of the ladder." I was there, and we should be so lucky as to have Reaganomics back...what is happening NOW to those at the bottom rung of the ladder??? Get off the FAKE MEDIA and open your eyes to REALITY!!!
  21. Like "you know who" is doing by doubling the gas prices just to cater to the "woke, green new deal" cartel who of course can afford it and much more!!! But the backlash is coming down the road in a few short months...stand by and enjoy!!!
  22. Ok, and DOUBLING the price of gas and heating oil plus inflation through the roof in less than 2 years is helping the ones at the bottom rung of the ladder???
  23. Lets get real. When I moved here full time in 2008 the $US was at was at 10 to 1 vs $MX. It steadily rose until about a year and a half ago when there was a change in the government El Norte. Just a year ago it reached 22 to 1. It has now declined to under 20 and falling fast. Please remember "When the U.S. sneezes, México will...fill in the blank). Well guess what folks...the US is not only sneezing, it is in full free fall decline with no end in sight!!! I am in the process of gathering any $US I have there and transferring here to a Mexican "safe" money market account. I saw the financial disaster first hand in 2008 and now see that this looming self inflicted, "woke, new green deal" parody will put that one to shame. Hang onto your sombreros folks...it is coming here!!! And please do not consider this a "political" post because it is simply REALITY and is already where I live Lakeside. I just gave the family that works for me as maids and gardeners a 20% rise since they are the ones who are suffering the most from the insanity that is going on up there and migrating down here!!!
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