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  1. One of my first favorites here all those years ago when it was run by Lorri and her husband (who then went on to create Charlottes around the corner). My go to favorite has always been the Mahi Mahi fish and chips. Hard to get a way from this but recently have been experimenting with other specials on thier large chalkboard menu. Now I cannot resist ordering the Sopa Azteca (also known as tortilla soup). A large bowl of thick tasty broth with strips of fried tortilla, small white cheese squares, some pieces of avocado and who knows what else!!! This starter is almost a full meal, however a few days ago I ordered this and another special, a shrimp burrito. This consists of the nicely cooked shrimp, lettuce, melted cheese and a few chunks of avocado. Nice!!! This large burrito comes cut in 2 and I took one half home. All this plus 2 Modelo Negras for $250 (before tip)!!! Lake Taco is located just off the Libreimento behind the gas station and next to the car wash. Extremely pleasant outdoor setting under a palapa roof and service is very good and efficient.
  2. They are still searching for you since you escaped from the Nunnery...concerned about your mental health!!!
  3. PLEEEEEEZ...don't get your dander up about the fact that YOU failed to mention in your OP that you now live out there. Since you mentioned Marios in SAT, the assumption was on my part was that Serenata was nearby and I would like to learn more about is since I live in lower SAT. Is that any reason for trying to disparage me??? I am a big boy and just look at this as someone with a big ego and a lot of time on thier hands!!!
  4. I thought she was talking about the west side of SAT since she mentioned an alternative to Mario's. The fiesta is only affecting the central part of SAT around the Plaza. There are plenty of great restaurants here outside that zone, why go all the way out there past Ajijic? Because of traffic I stay away from that area as much as possible!!!
  5. If you google TURMERIC FOR PAIN you will see a lot of positive reviews, and also better with the black pepper for faster absorption. I think the the black pepper is in tablet form also...my question is where do I get that? I am not talking about turmeric and black pepper as a spice, because the result would be inconsequential for my purpose.
  6. Rainy season not good for my hip that 6 years ago suffered a botched hip replacement surgery here (redone at the VA hospital in Phoenix). Pain radiating down to the calf area and back of knee. Have started to take 2 capsules of turmeric (100 mg. ea.) a day and so far not much relief. Read that if taken with black pepper (piperine) 20 mg. together this helps speed up the process. One question is where do I get this here, and also any comments on this treatment one way or another from those who have experience with this? I try to stay away from prescription pain meds, and would be happy to have other comments on alternative, natural treatments. Gracias
  7. Why don't YOU block ME??? I kind of get a kick out of the dichotomy of your posts...and no, not perverted (yeah...I am really into Nuns!); just the silliness!!! Your scolding of others for any slight deviation from your hardline views is kind of amusing....
  8. Are these good for reading? During the many outages here in Lower SAT I use the time on catching up on my reading...
  9. What does this have to do with Mario's? The post is: Serenata ... uphill side carretera nearísh Casa de Plomero I have been here in lower SAT for 14 years and love Mario's but know nothing about Serenata or Casa de Plomero...please give us more details. Gracias
  10. PLEEEEEESE...we have to all listen to and obey the Nun!!!
  11. NO...it's quite simple: what happens NOB does not STAY NOB!!!
  12. Mexican Style!!! "WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' HELMETS!!!"
  13. My 1982 Ford F150 pickup keeps on truckin'. I asked Armando, my mechanic how much longer will the 40 year old relic will keep rollin'. He thought for a minute and said "40 more years". I then asked him how many more years do I have, he looked at me for a minute and said "40 more years". I will take that!!!
  14. Besides this scam here (and now at other bank ATM's) You have to keep your eye on your card. These machines suck your card all the way in and after the transaction you have to punch a button to get it out. In most other ATM's the card is protruding and you cannot get your money until you extract the card. If you are not careful, or distracted, you can easily walk away (such as I did years ago) and face the hassle of cancelling the card and getting a new one. Beware!
  15. Meanwhile they rake in mucho pesos from those such as myself who were fooled am taken advantage of by this SCAM!!!
  16. Can you say Nepotism, Cronyism, Patronage and just plain GRAFT??? Oh yeah...and who is all this Green New Deal Cartel nonsense hurting most?...The poor hardworking Mexican working to climb the ladder out of poverty!!!
  17. One note??? Historic Inflation, doubling of gas prices, record number of illegal immigrants flooding border, record drug flow across the border, historic crime wave, record murder rates, corking Keystone pipeline, green lighting Russian pipeline, supply chain boondoggle, infant formula fiasco, catastrophic Afghanistan pullout…and all in the last 18 months!!! Beethoven could create an entire symphony with all these notes, and I am sure that I have left some out!!! And yes, this is, and will continue affecting us here well into the future…and it is just starting!!!
  18. And the dog ate my homework!!! Everything was fine 18 months ago...get over it and live in the real world TODAY!!! I understand, you are one of the 20% who when answering a current poll would check the box "doing a good job". The topic is MX peso tanking!!!
  19. What has this got to do about TODAY and our situation here regarding MONEY???
  20. Maybe you do not understand...but it IS REAL!!!
  21. And just why should we not be talking about our money here...is this not one of the most important things we should be talking about??? When I moved here full time in 2008 the $US conversion rate was 10:1. It raised steadily and peaked at 22:1 just a short time ago. Today it is at 19:1 and dropping fast. I understand that the Canadian rate is dropping proportionately. Most expats here are living on fixed incomes and also the HUGE inflation rates El Norte are migrating here as we speak. Should we not be talking about this...and if not...WHY NOT???
  22. You forgot to add Putin to your list!!! Now that trump has been vindicated from any devious Putin scandal connection he is popping up as the "boogie man" for all the huge troubles and financial disaster unravelling up there in the past 18 months!!!
  23. If you are selected for a new poll, please check the box: "doing a good job"!!!
  24. I am sure that most poor Mexicans with older vehicles like my 1982 Ford F-100 pickup will completely avoid this process, knowing that it will fail the emissions test. Like me I think that most here are not even aware of the other obstacles that have been thrown up recently. Just another money grubbin' government scam, such as those El Norte, propagated by the New Green Cartel and folded into the government money making machine!!!
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