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  1. We are Canadians and need to fly to Phoenix. Once in Phoenix we will be driving to Alberta. Has anyone done Immigration at the Phoenix airport lately? As Canadians will we have any issues since we are not in transit via air but instead via land? If I understand the US Immigration website correctly, arriving from Mexico is not a problem. Thanks for all info.
  2. Artsnob is there a way we can see that news cast. Do you remember the name of the news station? Perhaps it will be on u tube.
  3. Hi Tim. You and Mauricio’s nephew are more than welcome to use my photo of him. It shows his twinkle in his eyes. Once again I am so so sorry for your loss. Ajijic has lost another beautiful soul. I sent you a pm.
  4. I knew Pato for many years. He was so gentle and sweet. He always had a good sense of humour and a twinkle in his eyes. Rest in Peace dear sweet Pato.
  5. We don’t own the property. We were the previous renter and the meter is in our name. The property is a long term lease. We didn't want the new tenant to lose power so we didn’t disconnect when we moved. Now she is getting the run around from CFE on changing to her name. The owner does not want it in his name. So back to the question, can anyone confirm if a curp is needed and/or a temporal or permanente for a cfe account.
  6. My understanding is that the new lady must have a CURP to get it put in her name. Am I wrong on that?
  7. What personal documents are required to put a meter in your name? The meter is currently in my name and I want it switched to the new tenant but she is not a permanent resident of Mexico. Can it be done?
  8. I have been here for 13 years and would like to remind everybody to be polite when driving. If you are on one of those narrow two way streets pull over into an empty spot if you can so the other guy can pass. If someone does it for you make sure you wave a gracias to them. when you are on the carretara slow down and let other cars in. You can do this by either flashing your lights or giving them the hand signal that means go ahed. This signal is putting your hand up in front of your face with your palm facing your face. You do this symbol for letting pedestrians cross as well. It is also used for Gracias. And my final tip for the road is “pull out and give er”. There is no need to be a scardy pants when you are trying to enter the carretara. Just put your nose of your car out there, you will notice most people will slow down and let you cross or into the stream of traffic. Keep things moving folks!
  9. Anybody know why there has been 2 helicopters flying back and forth over Ajijic today. They have gone past my place near the lake at least 10 imes. I think they are both white. One has red flowing stripes on it. The letters and numbers on one starts with N.
  10. Not happy with a crown she made for me. Poor workmanship.
  11. Oh please, no more leaf blowers. They are so noisy as compared to the nice old fashioned swish of a homemade mexican broom. Our neighbour has one and I would like to grab it and throw it into the lake. He revs it up and down up and down to get a leaf out of a crack. Sooo annoying. Please lets not add more noise to our Enviroment.
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