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  1. We cannot compare Chapala with other regions. We also pay around 35 pesos in Oaxaca for the same distance. Even the airport taxis are more expensive here than anywhere else. Second biggest city in Mexico!!!
  2. Bingo! That's it? I'll try this. Thank you! This problem just happened this last week. Am I wrong to believe that Firefox is lazy or too busy with the holidays with too much work? 😀
  3. I snooped around and, in fact, there is a new Firefox called Quantum, which offers faster and easier browsing. I'm not sure the problem I experience has to do with the new version. It seems that what you suggested about the background service is the cause. I'll sleep on it. Good night!
  4. Oh my! I have never, never updated Firefox. It just changed once without me doing anything. I know because I still have the old version on my desk top and I did not put it there.😀 If the problem continues after the holidays, I will try to learn how to update it.
  5. I restart my PC every day. Even with this, I get this problem with Firefox every second day. I thought it was because the lines were too busy during Xmas. Don't laugh if my assumption is wrong. . . I don't know much about technical stuff. At least now I feel better knowing that there's nothing wrong with my PC. Thank you so much!!!😀
  6. How can I get rid of that app/program. I don't need this in my PC. 🤬 P.S. Yes, it's a good question, Mat.
  7. Yes, thank you. It's the way I get rid of the problem--but it comes back after a few days. What is a background service? It works now after restarting my PC.
  8. Well, when someone writes here that he has problems with Firefox at the same time as I have, then I assumed we had the same problem. Of course, if it had been specified what Firefox was doing, it would be clearer. My explanation was not clear either. Now, I will be specific: my problem was gone for three days and, again now, it acts up. The window says: Firefox is already running but is not responding. The old firefox process must be close to open a new window. I did not do anything different. So, I closed everything, but it says the same thing. I have to use Google.
  9. I started to get that problem with Firefox a few weeks ago -- twice in a few days -- and it went away on its own. It came back this week for another two days and now it's gone. It tells me that the problem comes from Firefox. I did not experience that problem with Google.
  10. My husband thought he was well-equipped with his 33 years experience in building his own houses in Canada. In Chapala area, we took a contractor to build our house because we did not have any contacts with the trade people, and we did not know what was involved with permits, IMSS, payrolls, material buying (best deal around) etc. So we trusted the contractor, who had been well recommended by someone finishing his house with him. We found out after, that those people had gone over budget around $15,000 US, and it was a smaller house than ours-- (4100 sq feet). They did not ask for granite but medium quality. Our house (4500 sq. feet) took 8 months to build (considered fast) and my husband lost 22 pounds in the process. He was on the site every day from morning until the last worker was out at night. In fact, he had to be there to watch for quality and direct the workers as the contractor was too busy to do his job. He even skimmed on everything on top of asking more money in between for items that should have been included in the first place. We did the shopping for bathrooms, light fixtures, floor tiles, etc. (without him) as he was going to install scrap. We, of course, paid extra for medium quality, which had been detailed in our contract agreement as high quality in the first place. The arguments with him were not worth our time and money. We were not going to take legal procedures (big deal here) so we paid a total of $18,000 over and above we had planned—not included the lot and gardens. Now that we know better, we would not build with a contractor, and my husband would never build himself here. No way!! Friends shopped around for a house, and they (with my husband) inspected the places with a fine comb. Their experience was so easy and fun. Of course, it’s not their own design, but they like it enough, especially knowing that they saved themselves lots of headaches. Our case is not unique. We were advised about building our own house before we started, but we did not really believe it would apply to us as we knew construction enough to avoid their problems. 🤐 NO MORE COMMENT P.S. We wanted to sell our house last year, but we were quoted by RE agents below what it costs to build it now. We have improved the quality and, over the years, added the extra we did not have with construction. Unbelievable! It’s cheaper to buy now than build. You can still figure out to make a few changes, but you would know ahead of time. Good luck for what ever you decide.
  11. Ditto Computer Guy!! I wouldn't get near her with a twelve-foot pole.
  12. My printer needs to be checked. I went, years ago, to a place in Ajijic (not on the highway) but I forgot where, and I'm not sure if he is still there. There was some one in Riberas on the highway but I'm not sure if he repairs printers. Or any other suggestions. Help, please!
  13. We cut off all ties with Canada bit by bit (except bank account for our pensions to go in). Then we called Canada Revenue International and asked them to consider us as non-residents. They have asked many questions and that was it. We had to advise our pension and investments company to change our address for Mexico and they started to withhold 15% taxes on our revenues. We also file a form to claim the taxes back on our pensions.
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