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  1. I thought I read in the GDL Reporter that there was a place we could take recycling items to instead of just throwing everything in the garbage. I can't find the article. Is there such a place? I don't care where it is I would gladly take it, separated, there. If anyone knows would appreciate the address.
  2. Try Chapala Moving in San Antonio. They are at the 1st stop like after leaving Walmart on the left side. Winston is the owner.
  3. I appreciate that info. I will definitely check that out. Never thought of Christiania Park. Thanks
  4. Does anyone know of any futbol/soccer for youths in the Chapala, Ajijic area? There must be and I want to get a friends son involved.
  5. I've never heard of Immunical. Would it be possible to get your friends name and phone number? Maybe I can give him/her some business.

    The Wild Cherry Juice was recommended .


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