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  1. Dr George, driving west of ajijic, Lakeside of the carretera just past colon intersection.
  2. I'm desperately needing someone that is very good at installing programs from an old computer to a new one. One of the programs was very outdated and we're trying to put the data into the newest version. The new computer and program is in Spanish and using a Latin American keyboard. It is for a Mexican business. Please do not suggest the computer shop near Ponchos, he doesn't have time and we can't put it off any longer. I miss Mike!
  3. Easy to do in Chapala, behind Cruz Roja just past the malecon.
  4. Definitely in business, always at comida from 2 to 4 so you won't find him there at that time.
  5. TEXMEX? My mouth was watering. Gotta love autocorrect.
  6. I was on that same toll road several times a few months ago, driving my Jalisco plated SUV. I wonder where they mailed my bill too?
  7. Thanks for the replies to my OP. My husband saw Dr Gonzales Ross yesterday (yes, he's the young one) and had a steroid injection. We now have a long term treatment plan with the doctor. When I made the appointment, I simply asked for the spine surgeon, no problem. Appreciate all the responses.
  8. Has anyone used any local doctors here for spinal cortisone injections? My husband had had all the surgeries possible, has a titanium cage 360 degrees around his spine, and with his heart problems another surgery is no longer an option. Would appreciate referrals and experiences, if any.
  9. I too have trouble finding competent hair stylists for curly hair. If you have good results with someone please come back here and post it.
  10. If anybody knows a good burger it's you guys! Rick I miss 60's in paradise!
  11. It's definitely on colon. While waiting for my cocktail I walked a few short steps up to the atm at Bancomer. Twelve of us ate their on Wednesday and were very pleased. Yes it's pricey, but the whole experience was worth it. The food was fabulous, try the French onion soup! They open at 3 pm, don't know what time they close.
  12. moonhill


    Ate lunch there the other day. Very dissatisfied. We started with nachos before deciding on our meals. I took one bite and couldn't believe they had just served us a plate of ICE COLD beans and cheeze whiz! Not room temerature either, but refrigerator cold. We paid the bill and left without ordering anything else. The waiter was very nice so we left him a nice tip, but we did explain the problem and we heard him telling the kitchen staff that our food was muy frio and no Bueno.
  13. The Victor at Walmart was definitely not your meth dealer. Because he told me he's worked the parking lot at Walmart for 12 years I was curious if anyone was familiar with him. Anyone else had a similar experience with this guy?
  14. I went to Walmart this morning and when I returned to my car it wouldn't start. The gear shift was stuck and I couldn't get in gear so nothing happened. In mere seconds a guy appeared saying he was a mechanic and had his tools with him, he could fix it. I said he could take a look. He popped the hood, then crawled under and announced I had a broken cable, he could fix it. I decided to go ahead since he quoted 350 pesos. Five minutes later I was on my way. Does anybody know this guy? He claims to have been "working" the Walmart parking lot for 12 years. Is he legit and saved me from being towed to a mechanic, or did he rig it while I was in the store? I've lived here 15 years and thought I knew every scam.
  15. I just made this drive three days ago. Crossed at Laredo and followed the route towards San Luis Potosi, staying the night in Matehaula at Las Palmas. Never had a reason to not feel safe. Stay on the cuotas and use common sense about where you make stops.
  16. In the US now. Got Pfizer Saturday at Walgreens. Easy. We used our US passports for ID, most places here won't accept our Mexican DL or Permanente. Couldn't have been simpler, no appointment.
  17. We bought one from Amazon a few years ago and it's a lifesaver. It sits in the sun to charge itself, then you can bring it in and plug it into your phone. Neither you or your phone need to be out in the sun. It also charges the normal way, plugged into a regular charger, and when fully charged you can charge three more phones at once. We take it up north when we go camping and often have no electric hookups for our RV. We've also used it down here when we've had lengthy power outages.
  18. Most people driving up with dogs will stay at Las Palmas in Matehaula. Very pet friendly and the covered carport is right in front of your door. Nice restaurant and a Walmart nearby in case you forgot something, which it doesn't sound like you will. We used to travel in an RV and it was so common for RVers to get robbed in Monclova that all the travel blogs posted dire warnings against driving through there, and NEVER to spend the night there, even at a motel. Matehaula is a nice drive from lakeside and from there we made it to Piedras Negra the next afternoon to cross, but nowadays we go to Laredo to cross.
  19. They have them at Puritan Poultry. I've bought them at Super Lake and Gourmet Garage, but just 2 days ago at Puritan.
  20. We stream from Amazon US with a VPN but you can stream without it, just a much smaller selection of what's available in "your area".
  21. I must've missed it, but what was the OPs question?
  22. Absolutely no problem with any size or breed of dogs at Las Palmas in Matehaula. Make sure you reserve ahead of time and tell them you have dogs, as they have certain rooms next to the big dog walking area that they put you in.
  23. I second the suggestion from happyjillin. I also had an electrical problem that three guys said they fixed, but fifteen minutes away from their shop the same problem would reappear. Go see Mo at Auto Fix.
  24. It's one of the controlled drugs, meaning you must have a prescription. The pharmacist is required to stamp the back of the prescription, have you sign it, and they keep it. So for refills you have to come in everytime with a new prescription.
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