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  1. Have Hammer will Travel A.C. woodworking school had a problem of getting wifi to main shop from office building 50 ft away Finally figured it our a main wifi was moved near the window in the office, then the wi fi extender large one was placed near the window in the shop 50 feet away they had a direct wifi straight line though the windows. it worked now we have wifi in the shop , no wires. low cost way to solve problem
  2. Crema de Mezcal tasting for Bingolago player Wednesday Dec 22, 2021 EL Sombrero Restaurant
  3. Your solution is open a Mexican bank account, try multiva bank
  4. They can be deposited, not cashed, you must have a Mexican bank account. and may have a wait a while while the check clears, before bank credits your account. some local banks require you to have an equal amount on deposit in your account before accepting check. I had a friend in the same situation, without a Mexican bank account, they opened a Mexican bank account and deposited the check, and respectfully kept the bank account open with a amount above minimum balance. Talk with the bank manager. they can usually get it done. or mail the check to your USA bank for deposit. US bank will not accept a second party check. it must be your account
  5. Opiere solar, come by and see the installation at Have Hammer Will travel A.C school, in riberas. Nyah of Opiere solar supervised the project and installed 14 panels, professionally done, Opiere was vested by our board of directors over 11 other local companies. Do your due diligence at least get a quote by Opiere solar
  6. Thank you for the update, question so can a expat on a Permanente with a RFC number with no Mexican income file a tax return and get some of the investment savings tax back as a refund. what would the yearly cost to file a tax return be about, quote Mexico has always had a sort of ridiculous tax well actually a tax withholding on savings, it really amounted to robbery at its highest level in 2020 at 1.45%. The withholding is on the principal balance without regard to how much you actually earned! So if you had a savings account paying 0.5% interest you would lose almost 1%, kind of a disincentive to savings and the only way to get the money back would be to file a tax return which many low income people are not obligated to do and which can have costs that would not justify the benefit of getting part of the withholding back. The tax withholding for 2022 will lower to 0.08% down from 0.97% in 2021, now the modest income savers may actually see a few pesos in interest payments without having to file a tax return to get part of an exaggerated withholding back.
  7. Giving Tuesday please partner with HHWT special day of matching donations. matching 130% up to firsts $2500 us dollars you donate $100 gets matched with $130 total for HHWT $230 dollars end of the day.
  8. Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. will have a table selling some of the woodworking projects the kids have done, some home made earrings for sale. legacy brochures will be available put HHWT in your will, help the kids., woodworking social networking, capital campaign volunteers wanted. Support the veterans Anavets Mexico unit 19, Christmas sale.
  9. Come see our installation of solar panels at Have Hammer Will Travel A.C woodworking school in Riberas next to S&S auto, our board of directors reviewed 11 different companies Opiere solar came out on top. The students now can work several machines at once. tremendous savings, no problems, our convertor is installed inside our building. Opiere picked a great convertor for we can expand to more panels if needed. They also were chosen by the legion in Chapala, for installation of solar panels. I refereed many persons to Opiere, they agreed Opiere is the best. Opiere have there own in house team for your installation, they can be trusted and are the most experienced solar team lakeside. El Parque Facc also chose Opiere solar.
  10. Over 10 door prizes to be given out, thank you Nora more for generosity and helping the kids at our school
  11. Support our Women's woodworking class! Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. 130% matching of donations up to $2500 USA dollars Partner with us on Nov 30th, 2021 Giving Tuesday. HHWT's goal is fund our women's woodworking class for 2021 through 2022 and raise $9200 dollars for tools, supplies, rent and teachers salary. yes you get a 501c3 tax deduction for your yearend donation. Thank you for your generous support and partnership empowering women. If we can get 85 partners of more to donate $100 dollars each we will meet our goal today. https://www.globalgiving.org/microprojects/empowering-women-and-girls-woodworking-class/
  12. Yes you can get over 4% interest here in Mexico banks on your savings, but you must keep a minimum balance. social security will deposit in a Mexican bank , check with your other pension if you have one , they may not deposit in a foreign bank visit the Mexican that's closest to your home here,
  13. how is the drive and roads from Ajijic to Puerto Vallarta leaving soon. appreciate reading about your experience
  14. need guidance anyone taken highway 70 to pv and stopped at Sabastian or other sights on the way, how are the roads
  15. Luzma services are priced correctly for the service she delivered and expertises. tried others. Luzma is the best
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