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  1. hi i need some change for our resale shop Todo bueno in riberas, 10 pesos, 5 pesos , some 1 pesos coins,  thye support over 15 different charity,  save me a trip to the bank, also need 20's and 50's bills,  but i can take your small change,   


    Todo Bueno is next carpentry school, and S&S auto

    Wayne 376 688 1282


  2. have Hammer will Travel A.C woodworking school just joined yesterday 


    h wayne renz

  3. please correct your title

    the  12 or more charities  Todo Bueno resale shop next to s&S donates to are very concerned of this misinformation.

    as they depend on Todo Bueno for there income. You scared them


    school for special children thrift ahop closing across form 7-11

  4. Hi Mark


    Thank you for your concern for the kids at our school and the internet connection

    i want to investigate linux further.

    Our board of directors met last Friday, a fellow named Curtis is now the teacher for CAD program. and will be training assistants who are bilingual to teach the students

    If you could meet with us. it would be great. we want this cad up and running by fully by JAN 2020.

    email taxexpat@aol.com


    Thank you 




  5. i have a extra vonage modem   model VDV23-VD it should work never tried it was new

    it was my backup but i never needed it


    i have it Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. carpentry school


    just send a Mexican youth to our school to learn life skills and  put items and consignment i the future or donate items in have hammer account


    its yours for free

    if this will work for you





  6. hi David


    wow great to read that you have an airplane.

    AT LCS a fellow spoke two weeks ago spoke on how taking up underprivileged boys and girls in a airplane changed their life.

    I volunteer  at have hammer will travel woodworking school



    i could help raise money to pay the gas, would you consider taking a few students up for a 20 minute ride or so

    some of these kids or very very poor, have no fathers and can not see the future.

    An experience like flying could shift their view of the possibilities they may have in the future.


     With Affinity

     H Wayne Renz

     Have Hammer Will Travel A.C.

     Treasurer, Officer of Philanthropy and Major Gifts   

     (AKA Head Honcho for Gifts of Passion and Love for the Kids)

    (También conocido como Jefe por los Regalos de Pasión y Amor por los Niños)

    taxexpat@aol.com    Mexico 376-766-1860      USA Vonage 718-204-1851

    Giving While Living



    hhwt banner with esceula de carpinteria riberas.JPG

  7. who installed your solar panels




  8. hi Eric


    Thank you for helping the kids


    located in Riberas, next to S7S auto,

    also  just 1/2 block east and , across street from 7-11


    hours 9:30 to 1pm

    drop with Lalo the etcher for the kids




  9. hi sarge


    who builds container homel locally.


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    2. thesarge7


      Our shipping container home is complete and we are all moved in. You can see our progress on Facebook page DIY Shipping Container Home Group. Total cost was under $400,000 MXN for two side by side 16' containers.


    3. traderspoc


      looks nice great price



    4. thesarge7


      There are some places in Guadalajara. One of them is Underbox, which I had visited, but they were very expensive. They want $25,000 USD for ONE 40 foot container. I spent less than that on two - 40 footers. Granted they were used containers, but they did the trick.

      I understand that if you have something built here at Roca Azul, they can coordinate the building to your specs and you just pay rent on your lot, about $4,500 pesos a month. And I would bet that you would spend much less than the $25k usd.

  10. my name is  H wayne renz

    i done over 30,000 tax returns and retired. was financial planner and stockbroker

    i still am active

    i give the money for tax help to The carpentry school in riberas, have hammers

    call me a  i will tell you how to solve your situation.

    376 766 1860 or messag eme with your phone number

    if can help or refer to some one locally

    H wayne renz

  11. yes we always some of our volunteers will be going on vacation soon end of june will need help.


    come tomorrow, we have eneough if everyone shows up, but you never know.


    we always have 7 volunteers each week to run the bingo

  12. hi


     i would like to learn how to use a lathe, i would like to make a few sets of indian clubs using a very hard wood beautiful wood.. about 1 pound clubs about 15 to 18 inches long.

    maybe some about 1 pound and half

    what do you suggest , i can pay for the wood,

    appreciate your help with this

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    2. kmetzger


      Hi Wayne. Let's say Wednesday at 2 pm. Address; Rio Yaqui 109, Villa Nova. When driving west on the Carretera from downtown Ajijic, turn right on Del Arroyo (across from the old Just Chillin'). Turn right on Rio Yaqui (first street you come to on Del Arroyo). I'll see if I can find some guamuchil.


    3. traderspoc


      yes will be there

      heres info on indians club



    4. traderspoc


      see this page also and get copy of anatomy of indian clubs


      i will bring copy of booklet,

      i will pay you for the wood you pick up, like to make 5 to ten sets of clubs


      that 10 to 20 pieces of wood  to make clubs


      may take a few months





  13. hi Zeb


    My name is  H Wayne Renz  i am retired tax accountant ,  not a CPA

    I donate my fee to Have Hammers Carpentry School Charity in Riberas.

    I done over 25,000 tax returns,  i also graduated New University School of Financial Planning,

    I was also a  stock broker series 7 license.

    i only do complicated tax returns.


    and check me out .  I TELL YOU WHAT YOU NEED TO DO FOR FREE OVER THE PHONE. and what my fee would be

    I still have clients in New York where i had my tax practice and financial planning business.

    I am writing you because Have Hammers Carpentry School Charity is about to due a fundraiser to get through the summer.



    I will be home tomorrow evening and Sunday evening



  14. hi Its Wayne from el parque

    i want to save hammers carpentry school, am starting a bingo soon.

    bingo will be weekly, with 20 winners week.

    prizes and coupon no cash.

    can you make suggestion of a business, you know that would like to give a coupon or discount to  grow business to 20 winners a week.

    or just one winner a week

    or one winner a month.

    the coupon could only good on this day  of the week and time , when the persons business was slow.

    bingo will be at Maria Isabel restaurant on tuesdays






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