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  1. Todo bueno resale and consignment shop next to S&S auto great place find bargains go often items sell fast there
  3. COSSYLEON TEQUILA TASTING July 12. 2023 El sombrero Restaurant 1 PM
  4. I will be traveling to Canada and would like to have some Canadian currency about $400 CA dollars, which can exchange for USA dollars or pesos can give a little bit better exchange rate than a local bank pm me
  5. Welcome all Veterans who have a birthday in May, come celebrate with us. 6th year anniversary birthday Party Bingolago el sombrero restaurant MAy 17 , 2023 1 PM
  6. Chocolate and Tequila Tasting. Celebrate your May birthday with us at Bingolago's 6th anniversary birthday party for Bingolago players May 17, 2023, 1 PM at El Sombrero Restaurant.
  7. glow soaps wws verified again today and will have a table display set up at about !2:30 pm at Bingolago
  8. Celebrate your May birthday with us at Bingolago's 6th-anniversary birthday party for Bingolago players May 17, 2023, 1 PM at El Sombrero Restaurant. Chocolate and Tequila tasting
  9. Glow Soaps Sampling Bingolago May 3, 2023 1 PM El Sombrero restaurant. many door prizes fo glow soap products.
  10. MULTIVA is your best choice, well run one of the bigger banks in Mexico, not small like Actinver or Intercam. excellent service, plenty of parking close by. walk in and talk with the manager, you will be very happy.
  11. Lake Chapala Kayak Club meets every Thursday at 10:30 ish Old Posada Ajijic, (Bonanza restaurant) for breakfast after 8am paddle The lake chapala kayak club paddles every Thursday and Saturday 8 am. Club buddy up and paddle other days, Tuesdays Soon planning local trips.
  12. no extra pay but usualy give maid day off with pay most mexicans give the day off
  13. Your just raised her cost 37% she has to pay much extra on top the salary she's paying. Wrong move. That's you hire an agency to pay that so you do not hire an Mexican account to do all that tax and benefit filing. Does she own a house if does not pay that it will taken out of the proceeds when house onwership changes.
  14. Todo Bueno has sold many items for me in the past. excellent service high traffic, store has many lights on the cieling, best thing about Todo bueno is that all the profits go about 15 different charities lakeside, not just one charity. they a room in the building in thier back yard for large furniture. i was able to drive my SUV down the driveway and get closer to the back room to unload. You made a good point benjiboy money can get picked up any day, which is great. A couple of times my items sold in few days. One of the things i really like about Todo Bueno they serve the Mexcian community by having good quality used clothes at a fair price. it appear there pricing policy is one price for shirts, one price for pants etc. so locals can get good used clothes a fair price. When i visit i see many Mexcians shopping there. I plan to donate a box of used good clothes to them next month and some small household items.
  15. Glow Soaps Sampling Bingolago May 3, 2023 1 PM El Sombrero restaurant. Excelent soap maker and other soap products. candles also I was at the ajijic Womens international show at Laguna mall 2 weeks ago, displaying the woodworking projects and registering young female Mexican youth for our woodworking classes and bought a bar of soap from Glow soaps. Wow. its was great feeling and smell to it , had invite Glow to come to the binglagop and share the soap products
  16. yes Multiva is on of the biggest banks lakeside, and one ofthe biggist bank in mexico regarding size of assets. safe bank to bank with, about 3.108.000 miilion pesos ( corrected and updated) covered under IPAB ( Mexico deposit insurance) thats about $132,000 US using March currency rate at 18 ish the other bigger banks are HSBC, BBAV Bancomer, and Santander, Banamax. Scotia bank, Banorte any other bank not listed is small.
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