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  1. Suertudos! We pay 34 pesos per 20-liter garafón in the DF, plus tip.
  2. Joco, I fear that this time you are mistaken. If the raw milk you consume comes from a cow with brucellosis, chances are pretty good you will get the disease. A friend in Ajijic contracted brucellosis from raw milk and was sick for months.
  3. It is illegal to import potatoes into Mexico beyond a 16-mile distance. Read here: http://www.capitalpress.com/oregon/JO-MexicoTrade-122712
  4. 15 or 16 pesos for a 19-liter garafón? That's what I was paying in Ajijic in 1999! In Mexico City, we pay 40 pesos.
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