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  1. You'll find it! Good luck.
  2. Have you asked (or looked) for bulk maicena--a brand name that has become generic, like "Kleenex" for a tissue. Or for fécula de maíz, also cornstarch. Here: https://listado.mercadolibre.com.mx/popotes-fécula-de-maíz#D[A:popotes-fécula-de-maíz] Anything from 500gr to 25 kilos!
  3. The one growing up the staircase to the azotea of the house where I used to live--the green above those two darker-leafed trees on the right. In Ajijic, they call it huele de noche or jazmín de noche. The night fragrance is incredible. https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cestrum_nocturnum
  4. Jasmine works well, and has a fabulous fragrance which would further enhance your arbor's surroundings.
  5. Amen! After dropping someone off at the airport at 4:00AM for an early flight, I once came up that hill and around a curve and was horrified to see about 8 big black cows standing in the middle of the road. I hit the brakes hard and missed them by the skin of my teeth. Terrifying!
  6. I ordered this book from Amazon.com.mx on Sept 30. It was shipped from the USA on Oct 1 and arrived yesterday, to my door. The last thing I ordered from Amazon.com.mx also shipped from the USA and got here in two days. As in everything else, it depends. On what, I'm not quite sure. Reminds me of the old limerick: "There was a young lady named Bright Whose speed was far faster than light; She set out one day In a relative way And returned on the previous night." https://www.amazon.com.mx/gp/product/1909487783/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  7. Franky, your basic premise is flawed. When I order from Amazon.com.mx, my purchase often arrives at my home in Mexico in a day or two, not in a week or two. Same if I order from Amazon.com--a day or two, not a week or two.
  8. Cohetes due to today's Feast of San Francisco, the patron saint of Chapala--today's the end of the fiesta. Helicopters: police/military still hunting for criminals from yesterday.
  9. Isn't USAA supposed to refund all ATM/foreign transaction fees? I thought that was the big advantage of having that card.
  10. I tried to use your link, but I don't know how. Is there a way to know what the bank percentage is?
  11. The link I posted from Sept 29 was a link to the text of the speech that the President-elect gave in Pachuca, Hidalgo, announcing the end of Seguro Popular and some information about what would take its place. It is identical text to what you posted hours later, after you posted that there was no way Seguro Popular could end in response to my post.
  12. I read that when you posted it an hour ago, that's how the hell I knew it was the JALISCO LABOR SECRETARY. He hadn't been attorney general since 2015.
  13. And in the May 2018 incident, it was not the Attorney General, it was the Jalisco Labor Secretary. Geez, you guys.
  14. The newspaper article that I linked to specifically said that the health insurance that will replace Seguro Popular will be available first in the most rural areas and to the neediest people.
  15. This section of the SRE regulations applies to refugees. I doubt that anyone on this board is a refugee, but who knows.
  16. Alan, that's the SAME INFORMATION (different news source) that I linked to in my post last night. You pooh-poohed it, said Seguro Popular couldn't possibly be discontinued, and then posted a link to an article from this past July. I find your attitude difficult to take and frankly I'm offended. Don't call people out unless you know they're truly wrong. Did you even bother to open the link I posted? I doubt it. I rarely post something here unless I know what I'm talking about. I watched our president-elect on Sept 29, heard him give the speech, and looked up the link to post it here.
  17. President-elect López Obrador announced on 29 September 2018) at a press conference in Pachuca, Hidalgo that Seguro Popular will not exist after November 30, 2018. The day President López Obrador takes office (1 December 2018), Seguro Popular is gone. https://regeneracion.mx/desaparecera-seguro-popular-ni-es-seguro-ni-es-popular-amlo/
  18. Jajajajaja! I tried the website search for Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico. It came up that Jarritos sodas were available at the Home Depot at the corner of Colón and Hidalgo, right by the police station.
  19. What tells me something is "the municipio itself stated...". As I wrote upthread, "While what you wrote might well be true, it also might be a government coverup of the truth. In my experience, government officials will say just about anything to protect their--umm--interests." If you truly believe that what "the municipio itself stated..." is the unvarnished truth, I have a bridge in Brooklyn...
  20. "...it was stated..." "...it was reported..." "...it was also reported..." "...it was common knowledge..." Could you please provide links to these reports and and names of actual sources? Who stated? Who reported? While what you wrote might well be true, it also might be a government coverup of the truth. In my experience, government officials will say just about anything to protect their--umm--interests.
  21. Harry, one doesn't 'register to vote'. Once a person has Mexican citizenship, the person needs to go to the nearest INE office (there's one in Jocotepec) to apply for a credencial--a national photo identification card that is the ID needed in order to vote and to identify oneself as a Mexican citizen. Mexican citizens are asked to show that ID many more times than one might think and it's important to carry it with us at all times. Usually one goes to the INE to apply for it and then returns approximately 2 weeks later to pick it up. In order to apply, one needs to take the Acta de Naturalización and a comprobante de domicilio to the INE. There's no charge for the credencial, and no party affiliation is involved.
  22. I'm with you, CG. Victor González Torres, the founder of Farmacias de Similares, provides a service in Mexico that literally saves lives and treats people fairly. I can't remember the last time I bought medicine elsewhere. I'm particularly delighted with "Buen Lunes", when all of their products are priced at a 25% discount. I also agree with you about the search engine. Just yesterday I wanted to look for something on the website and couldn't believe it is STILL not working. Grrrr.
  23. More Liana


    Wow, that's quite a tab for mediocre food in the hinterlands. It's a Mexico city price.
  24. Your link is broken, here are a couple of my photos till yours is back on line.
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