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  1. I've got an appointment for an eye operation in Guadalajara May 12 and I'm looking for a reliable driver who can take me there, wait until the outpatient operation is done, and return me to Ajijic. Any recommendations? Please include contact info for the driver. Also cost, if known. Thanks for any help on this!
  2. I'm looking for vitamin stores in the North Shore/Chapala area that carry Zeaxanthin, a supplement that, in combination with Lutein, helps fight macular degeneration. My usual store (the one next to Telmex on the Ajijic carretera) is currently out of stock and doesn't expect any more shipments for a week or two. I've also checked the store next to Superlake, but they don't carry Zeaxanthin. Any leads?
  3. I appreciate the advice but...which main drag? Where? Ajijic? Chapala? Elsewhere? Near which corner? A little more detail would be useful. Thanks.
  4. I looked up ViLuMa on Google and noticed some comments on Chapala.com from people who have used them: https://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/topic/80578-vi-lu-ma-experience/ Almost all the comments were about poor service, repeated no shows, inaccurate measurements, etc. The comments were from people on this web board whose opinions I respect, not just curmudgeons. However, the comments were from several years ago (2018). Has anyone had more recent experience with this outfit, since it is possible they have straightened themselves out? Or possibly other suggestions of companies in Ajijic/San Antonio area?
  5. A large plate-glass window in our house recently cracked from top to bottom. Does anyone know of a reliable glass repair shop in Ajijic that does quality work at a reasonable cost? Please include contact information, if possible.
  6. And headin' toward the cliff with the pedal to the metal. Yeeeehaw!
  7. The willfully unvaccinated are the world's first self-culling herd.
  8. We just passed by at about 2:30 pm and it was still shut down. Some of the Walmart employees were gathered over by the AutoZone, the parking lot was totally empty, and a cop with an automatic rifle was strolling around. On the bright side, we went to Soriana in Chapala since Wally's was closed. Soriana was busy, but they had a lot more check-out lines open than Wally's usually does and there was very little wait. Everything looked cleaner, better organized, and better-stocked than when we last shopped a while back. Soriana is starting to look like a very attractive alternative to Wally's, particularly since Wally's usually has way less check-outs open than are necessary for the crowds they get. Jus' sayin'.
  9. We are driving up to McAllen soon and will need to get a covid test before we cross the border. Antigen is all we need. I have checked with the Christus Murguerza Hospital on Rt. 2 near the bridge and they do the testing but it takes 4 hours to get the results. Does anyone who has used this route know of any covid testing sites near the bridge that produce results quicker than that? Before anyone suggests that we just go ahead and get tested in Ajijic, that is not possible for us. We will take at least two days to get to the border and with out a Mexican vax certificate, a US citizen will need a covid test within 24 hours of crossing. We have found it impossible to access our certificate on line even though we have both had 2 SinoVac shots. Any suggestions of sites would be appreciated.
  10. I've been on this route several times. There are three fascinating towns along the way: Mascota, Talpa de Allende, and San Sebastian del Oeste. I've done postings on my photojournal blog on all three places that you might find interesting if you are looking for places to stop. https://cookjmex.blogspot.com/2020/05/mascota-part-1-historic-town-in-heart.html https://cookjmex.blogspot.com/2020/12/talpa-de-allende-part-1-city-of-pilgrims.html https://cookjmex.blogspot.com/2020/07/san-sebastian-del-oeste-part-1-colonial.html Please note that each of these is a multi-part series. There is a LOT to see in each place and they are each very different from the other. If you have time, you might even think about stopping overnight. There is a great hotel in Mascota that I show in the blog.
  11. Between the Anzalduas Bridge or the Pharr-Reynosa Bridge, which is the easiest to deal with (and why)? We are coming through Monterrey to Reynosa on Hwy 40.
  12. In a couple of weeks, we plan to drive up from Ajijic to McAllen TX, crossing the border at Reynosa. This is not a crossing we have done before and we'd like UP TO DATE information regarding: 1)The best place to cross (if there is more than one)? 2) Best time of day for crossing? 3) How long does it usually take to get across from Mexico? 4) Recommended hotel in McAllen for a short stay? Thanks in advance for any helpful information.
  13. What exactly did you try? I follow their instructions exactly and always get the same response: "Su solicitude ha sido atendida" (Your request has been answered). But I never get any email link or answer of any kind
  14. We did exactly what you described. Nothing was ever sent to our email address with a link to a certificate. Just...silence.
  15. We don't use Facebook. Do you have any other contact info for her, like a phone or email? Thanks.
  16. We got both Sinovac shots back in May of this year. Recently we have been trying find some way to access the Combromante de Vacunación (vaccination certificate). We have followed all the steps in the website, including adding in our email and phone number to the form that comes up, along with a photo of our documentation we got after our second shot. Clicking the button at the bottom of the page results in the message "Your request has been answered". But nothing happens then. We receive no return email and soon the "I'm not a robot box" times out. We have consulted various folks who are good with on-line stuff, including Mike the Computer Guy, but no one can tell us how to complete this process. Does anyone have contact information for a facilitator or anyone who might be able to help us solve this problem?
  17. I need a pair of adjustable hiking poles. Anyone have an extra pair they’d like to sell? Alternatively, is there a store in the Lakeside area that carries them?
  18. We just noticed what appears to be black mould along the base of the wall under the bathroom sink. There is also salitre on the wall above it. We have read that black mould is dangerous if inhaled. What is the best way to remove it and does anyone have any names w/phone numbers of professionals who have handled this successfully for you?
  19. We got a message on our Shaw Direct TV Satellite system that "Receiver has lost signal. Network connection lost" Normally this only happens when a rainstorm interferes with the signal and the signal is regained as soon as the rain lets up. There has been no rain today and the signal has been lost for a couple of hours now. Is this happening with anyone else? Any thoughts, solutions?
  20. I have a Brother HL 5140 laser printer (black and white only) which I have been using for many years. It has developed a problem and I am looking for a local, Chapala area, person who is good with repairing old printers. Any recommendations?
  21. Carrying a $2.00 USD paper bill only prevents Covid if all the digits in the serial number are letters. Otherwise, no protection. Someone should tell AMLO.
  22. Hmmmm...back when it was first announced that a Walmart was to be built in the present site, I said this will be total mess for traffic at this intersection. It's been a mess for several years, but now we have moved to the "supership stuck in the Suez Canal" stage. Surprise, surprise!
  23. My wife I got our shots on Sunday in Chapala. We heard at the last minute that it was happening, so we down- loaded and printed our necessary forms and set off. We were sure it was going to be an ordeal--or at least at typical Mexican adventure. In the end, we were pleasantly surprised! It was held at Christiana Park and was surprisingly well organized. We we arrived about 10:30am and had to stand in a short line (3-4 people ahead of us) to get the registration done. I had tried to do it on-line, but there was no way to download the certificate. No problem, several guys with laptops were at Christiana's front gate to take care of it. This took about 15 minutes and we headed for the end of the vaccination line...and headed...and headed... and headed...It stretched from the main gate at Christiana to the front door of Cruz Roja. Fortunately, almost the whole distance was in shade and the staff had set out chairs all along the way so everyone could be seated. They were letting about 30 people in the gate at time, so we played musical chairs every 20 minutes or so, getting closer and closer to the gate. When we finally got to the main gate, we had been there about 3 hours. I had brought water, some snacks, and a book, so it was not unpleasant. They counted us off at the gate and we were then guided to a canopy under which were lines of chairs, one behind the other. We sat and again waited, this time for about 20 minutes. Then workers started down the aisles, giving injections to people on either side as they went. The shot was very gently administered and virtually painless. Even as the injection staff were working their way down the line, other workers were following them, taking our paperwork and filling out forms for our second shot, to be administered in about 3 weeks. All the Mexican staff were very courteous and supportive and some actually spoke English (at least better than my Spanish!) so we could get our questions answered. At one point the staff filling out my form didn't speak English but she was able to call on one of my seatmates who could translate my questions and her answers. Our stay under the tent was about 45 minutes total, including shots, forms, and waiting for allergic reactions. Then they shepherded us out and we were DONE! The whole thing was somewhat tedious, but not unpleasant, especially compared to what so many folks in Ajijic experienced. I plan to do my next shot in Chapala again, unless I hear that Ajijic has got its act better together.
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