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  1. Thank you for your good work since 2019. Although I applaud your efforts, I can see that you have not reached the line of disillusionment yet and burned out. I wish you well. I have only managed to leave a scattered group of feminists behind me as I've moved around. As a very old saying goes..."Educate the mother and you educate the family". I am delighted that education and women in University have become so common place here. The issue of IMSS enrollment should fall on the employee and ALL working Mexican citizens should be made to file an income tax return. And that will not be an easy transition. I wish you well.
  2. No you haven't seen womens' lives changed. Are you aware that DIF has a legal department to help women in abusive relationships? It's even hard for THEM to help because the laws in this country do not address the abusive husbands, fathers, brothers and lovers. It does not hold them accountable for abandoning their families and their non-support of those families. Those are the laws that should be addressed FIRST. And we can discuss this all until we are blue in the face and it will not change very much in this misogynistic country to lift our sisters up. THEY are the ones in the driver's seat not us and they are tough ladies.
  3. I'm not. Have fun with your pathetic crusade. Perhaps you should start with the large corporations here who take far greater advantage of their Mexican employees. You'll need a much bigger megaphone though and fluent Spanish. Buh-bye.
  4. Give up Dostortas. This person thinks the LAW is above the will of the people's individual rights. IMSS couldn't manage their way out of a wet paper bag and they've been proving that since I arrived in Mexico.
  5. WOW!! I've lived in this country for 27 years and I've lived in three different States and done a lot of charitable work including with DIF. I know a whole lot about the way the various systems work here. I think, perhaps, that you do not. And I love Mexico and its people but really don't have a lot of respect for any of their government institutions and watch time after time when the people are ripped off. It is YOU, Jess, who are misinformed about the reality here.
  6. I highly doubt that signing someone up with IMSS for 3 hours work a week is going to get them boodiddleysquat from IMSS. If IMSS did such a great job of taking care of their own people, DIF wouldn't exist nor would the Food Bank or ANY of the charitable donations that exist within Mexico in various States. IMSS has bare bones medical care and can't even provide basic medicines to those in need. WHEN IMSS proves that they can do the job, THEN some of us might be interested in throwing money at them. They'll wait a long time before they get one thin dime from me. In the meantime, I will continue to take care of the people that I may employ and screw the government because they have not proven themselves worthy or capable... law or no law.
  7. Turn down the street, towards the lake, between iShop and the Ferreteria in San Antonio. Go past Lety's Mariscos and just before the next street on your right is a laundry. I know they dye stuff because I had my curtains "refreshed" with the original colour that had faded in the sun. They also sell the packages of dye there (as does Walmart in the bleach and laundry section). I suggest you take it to that laundry because they have big machines which will give lots of room to make sure the saturation of the dye is complete. And they know how to "fix" the dye so it won't run. Edited to add: or you can buy a duvet cover and pretend the comforter is a duvet. Then no one will ever know that there was ever a stain on it.
  8. Beautiful little girls! I hope that someone has room for the both of them rather than separating them. I can't imagine only having a single dog in the household ever again.
  9. WOW! So many outlets in Monterrey and 4 in Queretaro. Be still my heart.
  10. And the online process is the way we did it for all the other renewals since 1996. Easy but annoying by the time you've organized everything. TioCorp is MUCH less aggravating.
  11. And, for the record, I am Canadian and the studio opposite and east of Manix was FAR easier than going to the studio in Chapala (where I was twice before). He is professional and knows his requirements for many different government photo requests.
  12. The photo place just east of Manix Restaurant on Ocampo but on the opposite side of the street. Can't remember the name of it but they put a Sandwich type advertising board on the street in front. Genesis??? I also highly recommend TioCorp in Mirasol to pay and send all the info required to get your passport. You can even pay the required fee with a Canadian credit card. Absolutely painless... and picked up my passport three weeks later at their front desk.
  13. No kidding. It's bad enough not knowing the answer never mind not even knowing the question.
  14. I'm sorry and I know it's early and I am still waiting for the kettle to boil... but I don't get the timing in the last two posts. 7 months absence or last December???
  15. I feel so badly for your loss of Minnie recently and I'm equally sure that Max is also heartbroken. Heartbroken is not a good place to be when you have a medical problem yourself. I hope that all turns out well in the end.
  16. José Luis González and his assistant came to my home this morning to brush my girls and cut their nails. I am impressed with the job and the way they handled my girls. Delightful and this will now be a monthly occurrence. He speaks perfect English having lived in the U.S. and arrives with all gear needed.
  17. You can go to the CFE office in Chapala and feed the machines outside as much as you want to pay in advance. I do it every January along with all my other annual bills. My solar system produces more than I use so my bill is only the 53 pesos (or whatever) administration fee every two months. You will need to take a bill to scan the code into the machine and follow the directions accordingly in Spanish. I feed the machine 350 pesos (6x53=318) and keep the receipt attached to the most recent CFE bill. Then the next bill that I receive shows a balance owing of 0 (zip, nada, zero) and I just file it.
  18. I haven't even been in there yet because it's so new and it's about two blocks from my house. Why don't you go and check it out for us Mainecoons and give us a report.
  19. It doesn't work that way tjt and you are going to be in for a world of hurt if you don't settle the MONEY owed. Just a heads up. Please feel free to contact Go Solar on this forum to confirm the information that I just gave.
  20. Never got a response but here is the information from my friend should anyone else need an Avian Vet...
  21. How to choose the right SD card - RuggedInformer.com Amazon.com: Unitek USB Card Reader 3-Slot USB 3.0 Compact Flash Card Reader, Read 3 Cards Simultaneously, Aluminum Memory Card Adapter CF, TF, SDXC, SDHC, SD, Micro SDXC, Micro SD, Micro SDHC- 4FT (Black) : Electronics
  22. usb sd card reader - Google Search If your hubby's laptop has a USB port then all you need is the adapter... and I linked to the search. You can probably find one in Steren's and take the SD card that you want to read with you because they come in all different sizes. Suerte!
  23. I am very lucky that both of these excellent Dentists' offices are within spitting distance (no pun intended) of my home.
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