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  1. A Residente Permanente means you can stay longer than 180 days and can come and go as you please. You cannot bring in a foreign plated car but, if you own a home, you will probably not have to pay capital gains when you sell it because it will be your permanent residence. Also, as a Canadian, you can apply for Non Resident Tax status in Canada which will drop your income tax to a flat 15% on Canadian income. Be warned that, if you have investments in Canada, you will have to do a "deemed disposition" of those assets at current market value. It's all about the choices as they pertain to you.
  2. LOL! And I am truly glad that it's not. I am so happy that I chose to live east of Walmart. Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING that I need and want is on this side and without the major traffic hassle. Doctors, Dentists, Vets, Grocery Shopping, Mail Services and many other services. I have not stepped foot in Ajijic in three years and I only go to Chapala in January to pay the annual bills due. I do not miss living over there one bit.
  3. That is WONDERFUL news! Doesn't help me without changing the deed itself but my butt is covered. Thanks for the update!
  4. Damn Sea! You gave away my secret! Not only do they have great sales but they have a GREAT choice in everything. I did have to wait five weeks until it could be delivered but, again, more than worth it. Most people on here know that I research everything to death, so when I go shopping, I'm armed with a lot of information and Tio Sam's never fails me during Buen Fin.
  5. Tio Sam's has been wonderful for me. I am slowly replacing the appliances that were in my house and have bought them all from Tio Sam's... and I bought them all on sale... but I love their concept of service and repair. Worth every penny!
  6. Every once in a while there are people looking for piano tuning and servicing. I was surfing the local facebook pages this morning and came across this...
  7. That is correct and I was told that by Notario #2. I also did my updated will with him. The only exception in the "blood relative" department is putting their spouse as beneficiary. We never did that but always had real estate in both our names... and we each had Mexican wills to cover assets in Mexico if we both died at the same time.
  8. I have been happy with Reuben at ComputerLand since Mike passed away. He managed to get a dead laptop going so that I could retrieve some important photos on it. He is located in Riberas in the long strip mall on the west side of the Pemex. Small storefront and, sorry, no house calls.
  9. His card says both Dog and Canine with no mention of cats. But, you could always phone him and ask.
  10. I hired a shredding company NOB to slice and dice over 50 boxes of documents. I walked out to the truck and found the driver reading some of the contents. I stood there for the rest of the shredding process (3 hours) to make sure that he didn't do that again. Shredder was IN the truck. It's not hard to shred three boxes worth... just shred until the shredder gets hot. It make take a few days or a few weeks. Dig the shreds into your garden or put out for garbage. Be safe.
  11. Does that statement (bolded) not creep anybody else out? I am a widow and I live alone. After what happened to Mike Riley (ComputerGuy), this is the reason that I have organized things differently. I could not put my stepkids as direct beneficiaries on the deed to my house because they are not blood relatives and I have no siblings, relatives or children. I do have a Mexican Will and a Canadian Will. When Mike was found dead in his house, the Red Cross was called. The Red Cross called the police and the police took over Mike's house. Even though Mike died of a heart attack, his family were not permitted to enter the premises for over six months. Anything that is of value like my house deed, my car ownership, Mexican Will, Canadian Will etc. is in a safety deposit box in Canada. That is how I found all my mum's important documents etc. as the executor of her will. I want my stuff to go to the people that I have chosen... not some opportunistic thief. Whatever works for you.
  12. There is nearly always another option. If you give into incentive payments then you continue to perpetuate the behaviour. I could have asked Spencer's office to take care of it but it really was no biggee for me. I waited until I found a vehicle I wanted before selling it. Now, if I croak, it will be easy for my executor to sell it because they already have the ownership papers pre-signed by me and they are in another country in a safe deposit box.
  13. It's an enormous pain in the butt to change it but it is possible. If you want to make it easy to sell it for the remaining spouse, have the spouse in whose name it is, sign the back of the ownership papers AS IF it was going to be sold but leave out the date and the name of the "new" owner. THEN you're going to put that paper in a VERY safe place. I can tell you that our car was in BOTH of our names with y/o in between and I was unable to put it in just my name and I tried TWICE. The dimwit in the office on Degollado kept insisting that my husband had to sign even though I showed her his death certificate. It was easier to sell it and just sign the back of the ownership paper and provide the new owner with a copy of his death certificate should she need it. She didn't. Go figure. I still shake my head over this. As always, please confirm this information for yourself by asking a facilitator or you can try for yourself. Maybe the dimwit has been replaced.
  14. Click on "Home" at the top OR the bottom of a post to get to the above shown format.
  15. Wait 'til the afternoon to do it because if done properly (while nekid) it would still be a little chilly in the morning.
  16. You can also try turning off the modem and then restarting it.
  17. Saul (of window cleaning fame) is now offering power washing. His most recent ad on page 48 of the February Ojo del Lago. 376-765-4507 or cell number 333-454-4625
  18. All my ceiling fans are Hampton Bay and they were all bought at Ilumina y Decora in Riberas. It's really important to ask for what you want in any of the local stores. FYI, the fixture outlet next to Casa de Plomero stocks oval Bemis (wood not plastic) toilet seats but they are in their storeroom at the back and are not out on their limited display floor area.
  19. https://ventiladores.com/ 3 locations in Guadalajara. This is the company that we bought our fans from in PV when we built the house in San Pancho. And not just ceiling fans are available.
  20. Stick with the Riberas store Illumina y Decora... sandwiched between the Container Restaurant and the new Fresh Market. They have the biggest selection and can provide installation as well.
  21. Or perhaps it's full and you need to delete some old ones.
  22. I have friends in Rancho Alegre which is just east of Jocotepec that love TotalPlay as much as I do. Yes, there's coverage in West Ajijic. Just call them.
  23. You mean like all the other "laws" in this country? Just how long have you lived in Mexico?
  24. I think this is what you call a Mexican Standoff... the concept is good, the execution is bad and both sides are suspicious of the other's intentions. And I'm not referring to you and other posters, I am referring to IMSS for domestic workers and the government as those domestic workers see it. I am not the only one disillusioned.
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