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  1. Sigh. You should try educating yourself before you write lakeside 7. https://www.google.com.mx/search?q=controlled+burn+schedule&source=hp&ei=jT4sZM3UIKrNkPIPiJmhGA&iflsig=AOEireoAAAAAZCxMnSf_E1VhGTJFnDXZ3MoT4MaHFwY0&oq=controlled+burn&gs_lcp=Cgdnd3Mtd2l6EAEYCTIFCAAQgAQyBQgAEIAEMggILhDUAhCABDIFCAAQgAQyBQgAEIAEMgUIABCABDIFCAAQgAQyBQgAEIAEMgUILhCABDIFCAAQgAQ6CwguEIAEEMcBENEDOggILhCABBDUAjoOCC4QgAQQxwEQrwEQ1AI6CwguEIAEEMcBEK8BUABY_ChgnKIBaABwAHgAgAG0AYgB0gqSAQQxMy4ymAEAoAEB&sclient=gws-wiz
  2. Totally agree with burns BUT not in the driest part of the season and certainly not when the winds are the strongest of the year. That's just downright stupid.
  3. Which reminds me, I need to buy batteries. 🤣
  4. Every cell phone and laptop is going to be different so just google "how to change the time on (put in your device)" and follow the instructions. My cell phone (an old Samsung S4) now has the correct time.
  5. My cell phone (Telcel) moved ahead one hour and my laptop (TotalPlay) did not.
  6. Try and take his photo... and a photo of his "credentials". That oughta send him packing for the grifter that he is.
  7. Amen to that Rick! I remember when there were no ATM's in Mexico and I also remember getting 5.5 pesos to a Canadian dollar. Having to pay a small fee for the convenience and ease of getting money? Pfffftttttt!
  8. The one thing you can't stop is change... and especially when it comes to getting re-imbursed for anything. I sometimes think about starting to file again for the deductions that I do have and then I just slap myself silly for even wanting to put myself back in the position of having to justify some little government sh$$s concept of what I should be doing.
  9. For the record, even if you do claim non-resident status, you still have the choice of filing or not filing an income tax return. Before we became non-residents, our last filing was for 1997 and there was a whopping medical bill for the femoral artery bypasses (in both legs) which my husband had done in Queretaro. No translation or notarization required. Perhaps the rules have changed with regards to providing proof of medical expenses. And, of course, if you are not spending at least 180 days in Canada every year, you are not entitled to use Canadian health care whether you have declared non-residency or not.
  10. LOL. I shop around and ferret out information.
  11. Agreed. If you are doing one test (like an INR) then shop around. But, you may also want to check out the website of Chopo where you can bundle tests, book an appointment at your chosen Chopo location and pay with a credit card. They also store your results for instant recall. I tend to get the Basic 45 Element with Thyroid check for 2024.25 once a year... Promotions | Poplar Medical Laboratory (chopo.com.mx) Exactly the same as the FIRST choice except for the thyroid tests. But if I add the thyroid tests separately they will cost 996.54 added to that FIRST package shown which is 1724.25 for a grand total of 2720.79. That's a no brainer for me. I am comfortable around nearly all things tested in a lab using blood and I realize that many are not. Still, there's more information for less money if you delve into it a little. It's because many analyzers are going to do ALL the tests whether you want the results or not. Yeah, I know. Sneaky. On the other hand, why doesn't your Doctor inform you of this.
  12. I never had any problem paying the duty and was more than happy to do so to get something that I simply couldn't find here. There were TWO options to bring things in and they were both good so I would like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to Alex Peterson and Hugh Roberts who each ran exceptional services for border runs. I miss them.
  13. Most likely the salt air there causing corrosion of the battery terminals. You will also be replacing anything electronic with more frequency as well.
  14. I can't say for sure but it all depends on how many of the roads are toll roads. Worth every peso because they are rarely just two lane (one lane in each direction) highways. Even what looks like going miles out of your way on a toll road is faster. Haven't driven to the border in over twenty years but have done lots of driving within Mexico and the toll roads get my vote.
  15. And that is why I like Escalera. When the battery died in my old car, I called and they came to my house and gave me a boost to get me to their shop. They bought and installed a new battery and gave me the warranty on the battery. Love that mechanic shop!
  16. Thanks Rick. Yes, some machines have a limit but I found that the ones attached to banks generally have higher limits and feel safer. The one at Pancho's in Riberas has a limit of 3,000 peso withdrawal per transaction. Doesn't mean that you can't put your card in again and again until your home bank limit is reached but it's going to cost you.
  17. I think it's 82 pesos and I withdraw 10,000 pesos at a time. I actually get a breakdown of bills that way. Your limit to withdraw daily is set by your home bank. I've taken out more and less depending on circumstances. Four machines there and I like the openness of the setup. YMMV.
  18. At the HSBC in the Laguna Mall, I use my debit card from a Canadian account and always get the option to accept or decline the Canadian dollar exchange rate. When they show the conversion, you are looking at the BOTTOM of the screen to choose decline or accept. To decline, you push the button on the LEFT side of the screen at the bottom and to accept you press the button on the RIGHT side of the screen. If you decline, they do not show you another rate, it has just always been a better rate than what they offered in the first place.
  19. Prasad - Chapala (guialis.com.mx)
  20. My preferences are the Farmacia Maskaras for meds and Chopo for lab work. As far as labs are concerned, find a good one and do NOT change. Each lab has specific means of testing for whatever and results will vary from one lab to another. Here, there are two locations for Chopo... one beside Marisa's Bakery in the Dermika Mall and the other adjacent to Pancho's East. Both of those send the blood to the big main lab in Guadalajara. There are often price breaks and specials if you book online.
  21. Fourth time unable to carry on with his regular dog walking life. This young man was an expert rock climber and entered competitions displaying his talents. He tutored rock climbing to younger aspiring climbers and also led expeditions for rock climbing to Bernal in the state of Queretaro. THAT part of his life is GONE FOREVER
  22. Just an update in this long running battle. Richie had a fourth operation on his right wrist last week and is again in a cast and requiring Melisa's help to walk the dogs this week and probably the next few weeks as well. He still keeps smiling though and is happy to be alive.
  23. Please explain Rick. In our experience, there most certainly is a benefit if you wish to sell your home here.
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