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  1. Anyone ever made a claim? How was the experience?
  2. I am not connected via ethernet because I just didn't want another cable on my desk. However, I am connected to TotalPlay via wifi and the modem is right next to my laptop. I started out contracting for 100 mbps and have been upgraded twice... once to 200 and soon to 300 at no extra charge. This is the Ookla speed test that I just ran. DOWNLOAD Mbps 264.98 UPLOAD Mbps 61.99 Ping ms 5 97 5 Connections
  3. I have also had TotalPlay for two years without problems. I dumped both Telmex and iLox. I have Whatsapp on my cell phone and also on my laptop and use it for blissfully smooth and static free telephone connections to Canada without any charge. Yes, I know that Telmex has free calls but the connection was always so bad that it was painful. All my kids have Whatsapp to call me free as well. The thing that I like about using Whatsapp on the laptop is that it's not only handsfree but I can easily adjust the volume as well. TotalPlay just gave me another free upgrade in speed to 300 mbps. I am a well satisfied customer.
  4. Just started DUMPING in Riberas del Pilar. Raining so hard that it's bouncing off the ground.
  5. If you're talking about the old Tabarka location that is at the bottom of Rio Bravo in West Ajijic, it is now D'Shanti. The decor and ambience are wonderful as is the service and both the food and its presentation. It is a far cry from the rustic place when David occupied it.
  6. There are usually ATM's everywhere in Canada and it's hard to leave most airports without tripping over one.
  7. Telephone and Internet Infinitum for your home. (telmex.com) It would appear that you have unlimited calling. Your own Telmex number should be the same... try calling the landline with your cell phone. Or, if you don't have a cell phone, ask someone else to call your old number.
  8. Goats grazing can help create fire breaks... Chile's firefighting goats protect a native forest from deadly blazes | Reuters
  9. And Notario #2 would be my choice.
  10. No but I like the way he thinks. We can only hope.
  11. Does he do leather upholstery? I know I could phone him but I want to know if anyone has had him do leather upholstery and the results please.
  12. I like geckos but they are not house trained and I'd prefer them outside as the first line of defense. Don't want anything in my house unless it's been invited.
  13. You can use the iShop address for the return... Your Name c/o iShop, Their address. It will cost you 30 pesos to receive it.
  14. Totally agree. If you can't see it, walk around it and touch it, DON'T part with your money.
  15. I have only owned one pool in my lifetime, on the coast in San Pancho. I took care of it myself and checking the chlorine and ph was the simplest. NEVER had to drain the pool in the entire six years and also never had to change the sand in the filter. It was crystal clear all the time... and I never want to take care of or own another one.
  16. The only prescriptions that are required here are for antibiotics and heavy duty narcotics. The heavy duty narcotics require a prescription (in triplicate) from a specialized Doctor. You do not even need a prescription for lab tests.
  17. If you think the traffic here is horrendous just try and imagine a traffic jam in the underground tunnels of Guanajuato. I got claustrophobic at the time and still do just thinking about it... sitting there with bumper to bumper traffic and sucking in all the fumes... compared to sitting in a traffic jam here on the carretera with all of its magnificent trees lining the street. No brainer to me.
  18. In the early 2000's, there was a lot written about San Miguel de Allende and it's water situation so, after living there for nine years, we left in 2005 and moved to the coast. Moved back inland in 2011. Guess what? San Miguel is at least four times as big and they are still chanting about water shortage. Sit tight because this IS the best climate. Just time your need to be out and about before 10:30 and especially on weekends.
  19. Do you think it will be a ribbon or a length of hemp rope?
  20. The other thing to consider, is that many handicapped people do not necessarily own their own vehicle. My mother-in-law was one of them BUT she did have a handicapped placard and put it on the dashboard of any vehicle that was transporting her... including taxis.
  21. https://lakesidenewschapala.com/2023/04/25/margaritaville-makes-it-official-it-is-coming-to-the-former-la-pueblita/
  22. Sea, puedo hablar espaƱol. He reportadolo dos o tres veces que mi nombre no esta correcto. Ni modo, porque tengo una cuenta con CFE en mi nombre. Estoy solamente frustrado que hay un error con algo tan facile.
  23. It would be so much easier if they just hired a data entry person who wasn't dyslexic.
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