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  1. True enough. You could stay FM3 forever by just renewing every year... or go on to FM2 after 5 years but still have to renew every year... or go on to Inmigrado after 5 years of FM2 and never have to renew again ... or become a Citizen and not renew every year but gained the opportunity to vote. Never really understood why Mexico gave up all those renewal fees. And still do not understand why people cling to a NOB vehicle either. Sigh.

  2. But Rick, it is not just a new thing with Permanente so "caught" is probably not the right terminology. There were choices to be made previously as well... you could have a foreign plated car with an FM3 or an FM2 but you could NOT have one when you became Inmigrado (now called Permanente). Unable to drive them out, I understand. Plan accordingly because the laws have been in place for a long time.

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  3. Just pretend that you're back in the early 70's in Canada and the Mexican Mortgage rates will look normal.

    Also have another question. In the U.S., people are used to deducting their mortgage interest on their income taxes. That option is not available in Canada... is it available in Mexico IF you pay income taxes (like on a rental) in Mexico? Or?

  4. Doesn't the TIP automatically expire once a Temporal becomes a Permanente? Bad planning on the part of the OP for sure because I believe that it also means that he/she will lose their deposit. If I was about to becomes Permanente and had a foreign plated vehicle in the country, I would be getting it out of the country in advance of becoming Permanente... no matter how inconvenient it was. 

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  5. Also remember that saying "20/20 hindsight" and due diligence (which is what the OP is trying to do). This thread from the past may help... Septic tank questions ( arghhh ! ) - Ajijic/Chapala/Guadalajara - Chapala.com Webboard

    How many people actually check the systems of the house that they plan on renting or buying? Or do they just ooh and ah at the decor and the garden or the size of different areas or the view? The best prevention is education.

    A properly sealed from above septic system here is similar to turning a glass over (the tank) and submerging it in water (the ground and it's fluctuating water table)... the water will not rise inside the tank.


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  6. I find it interesting that none of the people who are bashing Riberas have specified "where" in Riberas they experienced problems... either with the water or with the sanitation. FYI, a good builder knows how to build a decent septic system and, no, they are not the same as those systems done NOB.

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  7. I live on San Mateo and have rarely had either water supply issues or sanitation issues. It is a good idea to have a filter on the water coming in (i.e. before tinaco and/or aljibe) and I change that filter every two or three months. So, I guess it depends on where you live in Riberas.

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  8. That is Vi Lu Ma. They also have a location on the north side of the highway in Riberas just about opposite the Church. It has better parking than anything on the highway in Ajijic. Better to call them and have someone come to your house and take the screens away to be repaired.

    I haven't used the place that is just a bit further west of Casa de Plomero and am most interested in hearing from anyone who has. I am no longer a fan of Vi Lu Ma but they were wonderful when Jaime was younger. I believe he's now retired.


  9. Drive there. Pay the fine. It's not fair when I see SO many infractions on a daily basis while driving. It must just be too much trouble for the police to ticket THOSE people when they can sit and wait for an elderly citizen, with a handicapped wife, to park in handicapped parking without a sticker. Disgraceful and shameful.

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  10. On 5/22/2023 at 6:29 AM, tkessler2 said:

    If you don't drive that much check out Miituo.  Its pay by Km and they reinsure with Atlas which gives fine service.  You take a picture of your odometer every month. My last bill was 12 pesos because I barely drove that month!.  Like 0.58 MXN per Km..


    Thank you so much for posting this! Came across this article with more detail... ▷ Auto Insurance Comparator per kilometer - Rastreator.mx® 

    Kind of timely for me since I just got a quote on my new to me 2020 vehicle... 13,000 pesos... for a vehicle that sits mostly in the driveway. 

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