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  1. Gualberto replaced the igniter in my oven yesterday. My experience is that he often does not answer Whatsapp calls but does answer non-Whatsapp calls to his cel number 331-026-5450.
  2. The penalty for early I bond redemption is the most recent 3 mos. interest. Consult the Treasury Direct website for current, accurate information. https://www.treasurydirect.gov/savings-bonds/i-bonds/ There are strategies for buying more than $10k per individual via the website (plus an add'l $5k purchased through a tax refund) which is the current annual limit.
  3. US Treasury I bonds 9.6% if purchased by end of the month. Rate will drop to between 6 & 7% on November 1.
  4. To call a 1-800 number, you replace it with 001 880. To call a 1-888 number, you replace it with 001 881 To call a 1-877 number, you replace it with 001 882 To call a 1-866 number, you replace it with 001 883. To call a 1-855 number, you replace it with 001 884. To call a 1-844 number, you replace it with 001 885.
  5. Try texting her whatsapp number. 33 2050 4009
  6. 2200p in March this year for carotid Doppler. Dr H Briseño, Quality Care.
  7. I just bought a small one at Huerto Cafe. 50 pesos.
  8. Had a great meal there Tuesday evening. Many of the chairs on the patio have arms. Like this..
  9. My multiple experiences with both Dr. Valenzuela and Dr. D Briseno couldn't have been better. Both were top notch, caring and deferential to my needs. I'm sorry the OP had a different experience.
  10. Agree, Quality Care - Dr. Luis Garcia Nogueira. He is at the clinic Wednesday only.
  11. Has no one ever heard of proof reading? Have you ever read the posts on this and TOB? 😂
  12. Ditto, except that I know about QR codes.
  13. Here is one - United Ambulance Services 376-688-3315. http://unitedambulanceservices.com
  14. I know people very happy with this service, perhaps it's the same one as indicated in the above post... https://travelingmailbox.com/pricing#what-is-a-scanpak
  15. Question - is this the same Francisco who had a barber shop in Ajijic (since closed)? I know he also had a shop in Chapala but I have a different cel number. TIA
  16. 100% of that 15% is the discount for paying early.
  17. Tecno Aqua in West Ajijic. https://www.google.com/search?q=tecno+aqua&oq=tecno+aqua&aqs=chrome..69i57j0i512j0i7i8i30l3j0i30l3j0i5i30.19977j1j7&client=tablet-android-samsung-rvo1&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8
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