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  1. Gringal, does your post mean that the man we are looking to contact is named Saul? Do you have is contact information?
  2. Does Dermika take credit cards? I'd like to use my canadian mastercard for services and prescriptions.
  3. For several years we have been getting firewood from a guy/family who come around on spec to our house in Riberas from time to time. They have stopped by a couple of times in the last month, but we told them we have plenty of wood for the time being, and to come back in the New Year. However, with the colder-than-normal weather, we are using up our wood, and may need a supply earlier than that. We would like to stick with the same people if possible, but don't have a way to get in touch with them. We have always relied on their dropping by. I hope, from the clues below, that someone will recognize them and pass on some contact information: -the father used to come by, in his truck, but he died perhaps three years ago -we think one of the brother's name is Victor -one young brother stops by our house in Riberas on his bike when he asks us about buying wood -they have brought us starter kindling (the sap-heavy stuff) which they say comes from Jocotepec from time to time. Anyone recognize this family and have contact info? Thanks
  4. We're looking for someone to do what we think is a reasonably small job: one of our upper kitchen cabinets appears to be slipping down at one side. There are no visible anchors holding the box in place, so we need someone who might know how such a cabinet box was constructed to loosen it or take it down, and then reinstall it. I don't think a maestro carpenter is needed, but someone with some tools and ability who is willing to take on a smallish job. We're in Riberas. Any recommendations?
  5. Our garage doors need to be repaired or replaced. The original doors are wrought-iron fretwork, but a former owner faced them with plain metal sheets, riveted to the original doors for privacy These sheets are beginning to rust and come away at the seams, so we either need to replace them or perhaps replace the whole pair of doors with something more interesting. Obviously, looking around at all the different designs in the region, there must be a number of places that specialize in making (or renovating?) these doors, but I don't know any names. Do I go to any metalworker? Does anyone have recommendations? Thanks.
  6. We haven't been here for 18 months and were surprised that Dusty Chicken (and several other food stands) are no longer on the lateral near Walmart. Are they still in business somewhere else? I love their partiular recipe .
  7. We're arriving by car on Saturday afternoon, and today in Texas got a chip in our windshield. Nowhere to get it fixed before we cross the border tomorrow. Is there somewhere in Chapala or area where we can get the chip filled? I don't think it's big enough to need a new windshield. Thanks
  8. Eugene Levy on SCTV first took the Littlest Hobo song and made it a slow ballad, in the persona of a lounge singer character he played. I remember listening to the lyrics for the first time when he did that, and thinking they were better than I'd realized before.
  9. Mirna at Ajijic Rentals (Continental Realty) has managed our home, with us in it and empty, for 11 years. She is excellent.
  10. Hoping for an update on this post from March. Or any other info on an acupuncturist Lakeside. Thanks.
  11. Ken - I am curious as to where you got the information that OHIP will not pay anything unless you have supplemental insurance while in Mexico. That was not my understanding, but I could well be wrong.
  12. Ive been very happy with Dr. Daniel. He lives and works in Guadalajara, but comes to care for his Lakeside clients every Monday. I have seen him monthly for a couple of years. He comes to your home. email aztirat@hotmail.com cell 33 1197 9322 Excellent English. Good 'bedside' manner.
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