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  1. We're off this morning to Saltillo, then on to Columbia bridge tomorrow. Theory is that if they turn us back, we can return to Saltillo to stay over, then back here on Tuesday. We're hoping, as Canadians returning home, they'll let us through. Not tourists, not leisure travel. They are letting Canadians switch planes in the US, so here's hoping. Our embassy thinks they will. We think we are probably, who knows, better off down here, but our health insurance will run out at the end of April, and insurers are not reinsuring travel insurance or not under the same conditions. If anyone is ahead of us on this trip and can update us before we leave Saltillo in the morning, we'd appreciate it. We'll do the same once we hit the border.
  2. A couple of updates: I called the Canadian Embassy in Mexico City and the person I spoke to said I should get official information from the US Embassy but that it's Canada's understanding that we can enter US territory if we are on our way home. I tried the US Embassy, who patched me through to Border Control, who did not answer the number I was patched to. Articles I'm reading seem to be focussing on leisure and tourism as examples of 'non-essential' business. Also, the regs that will define some of the terms the agreement between the US and Mexico are using are not set to come out until Tuesday. With these things in mind, and unless we get different information, we're going to try to cross the Mexican border on Monday mid-day.
  3. In our case, Monday is as immediately as we can cross. If anyone crosses between now and then and either has trouble or doesn't, we'd appreciate the info.
  4. Thanks for the info Oatsie. Are your friends US citizens or Canadians?JGiff if you cross into us before Sunday please let us on this board know? I will do the same when I find out what happens to us when we try to cross on Monday.
  5. Please keep this thread open. We will be crossing into US (fingers crossed) mid day Monday, and then up through the US to Canada. Trying to keep on top of info, but things are changing rapidly. If anyone is crossing before we do and has info that is helpful, we would appreciate it. Looks like the US Government may be announcing changes imminently, but itś unclear what they may be. They SOUND like they are focussing on undocumented workers travelling across, and may let two Canadian pensioners going home across, but itś hard to tell.
  6. Colombia is our border crossing of choice, and will be the one we take again, all things being normal-ish. Hoping to hear from those who successfully cross (esp. non-US citizens) in the next couple of weeks. Thanks again,
  7. Reassuring to hear, Jreboll. At least for today. Thanks.
  8. We are snowbirders who drive to and from here and Canada each year. We would normally leave to travel through the US towards the end of April (and get into Canada in time to do our taxes.) Although we cannot leave here for at least 10 days due to obligations, we are considering heading north as soon as we can in light of possible border closings. Of course no one can predict the future during these crazy times, but we'd appreciate any accounts of border crossings by car into the US over the next couple of weeks, particularly for people who are not U.S. citizens. Thanks
  9. Bravo! Theatre needs to borrow a simple yarmulke as part of a costume for our next production, "The Book of Will". Does anyone have one that we can use until March 22 or so? We will take good care of it. Thanks.
  10. I've been in touch with Carlos Arturo Hermosillo to board our two dogs. He has availability, and we'd like to see his operation before we formally book their stay. Can anyone give me directions to his facility? I've left him emails, but he prefers to communicate by What'sApp, and I don't have a smart phone. I know he's open to the public from 9 - 2 every day, and I'd like to go Wednesday morning, but I really don't know how to get there. Help?
  11. When I read the news about racks of lamb at Soriana, I went there and was disappointed to see the freezer where 'racks of lamb' was clearly labelled, was empty. I figured every other lamb lover in town had beat me to them. However, I asked the butcher, and he happily brought out a whole box of racks from the back freezer for me to choose my two packages (four racks, yum!). So it may well be that they will have this regularly. Hubby and I enjoyed the first rack that evening. Delicious. Three more to savour over the next few weeks. Thanks for the tip!
  12. It is west of Container Lake restaurant, but there is at least one property between it and this store. Also, unless they have changed the sign, I think it it called Home Decor. It is right at the bottom of the hill, on the lake side, and at the corner of the carretera and San Pablo, across from the Gravel and Stone distributor.
  13. We have a higher-than-average priced gas stove and oven. We found that, if we had the oven on high heat, and then turned it down later in the cooking process, the pilot light would just turn off. Unless we checked the oven every few minutes and relit it when necessary, we would end up with a 1/2 cooked meal. Now, if we have to lower the heat, we use the wooden spoon method to bring thetemperature down, and then turn the oven off, and reset the thermostat to the lower temperature. There's usually no problem keeping the oven on if we don't play with the thermostat. Does anyone else have trouble keeping the oven lit if the temperature is lowered? (It's ok, usually, if you raise the temperature, such as broiling in the last few minutes.)
  14. I just read through this thread and realized no one stated that there wasn't a REAL cow at the location, but a full-sized statue of a black and white cow. Hence the name of the apartments. Since the statue is no longer there, the name is even more bizarre, but so it goes.
  15. Looking for a convenient place to buy a glue gun for a craft project. We live in Riberas. I know some papelerias sell them, but the ones I've gone to are heavy on the printing/paper side, and less equipped on the art supplies/craft paint/glue gun side. If you know of one that does have glue guns for sale, or any other business that has them (Walmart? The Dollar Store in Ajijic?) I'd appreciate you letting me know and saving me running around looking without success. Thanks.
  16. I'm looking for someone to repaint our wood kitchen cupboards, inside and out. Same colour. I want a real painter, not someone who can put paint on a wall. Someone who can give the cupboards their glossy smooth finish back. Any recommendations?
  17. how do you replace a tank? Who do you purchase them from, and do they install?
  18. This topic got me looking at our tank, which appears to be 20 years old. Where do we go to get a new one and have it installed? (and thanks to you for putting us on to this topic)
  19. The Tip you get in the mail is the one you put on your car. What you will exchange at immigrado is the 'approval' for a Turista for an actual Turista card. Keep it and turn it in when you return north. I've had one 'check' of my Tip....but if my recollection is correct, they just wanted to see that I had the accompanying paperwork that goes with the TIP on my windscreen. They didn't ask fur any further ID. Does anyone have a different recollection?
  20. We have never had errors on our Tip material, but get our TIP through the mail in Canada, put it on when we get to the border, get my husband's turista at imigrado (he imports the car; I have a permanente) and no one has ever looked carefully at the paperwork. On our way back north, we stop at the Banercito booth, show the paperwork, get the picture of our registration taken, and we get our deposit back within a week. Not saying it's impossible that someone might check out your paperwork, but like skurvish, we've never had anyone look close or care about discrepencies.
  21. You say you have a NOB paid-for car you would be bringing down. Note that, if you become a permanent resident, you cannot drive a US/Canadian car here. You must nationalize it (expensive) or return it NOB and buy a Mexican car.
  22. Just went this week and saw Dra Andrea for pre-cancerous skin spots and roceacea. Good manner, follow-up in 3 weeks. The various creams and treatments are expensive, but if they work.....
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