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  1. We have lived in lower Riberas for more than 10 years. Our house is over 25 years old. We've had no problems with the water supply. We have a filter system coming into the property, and a drinking water filter system in the kitchen. We have a couple of garafons of water in reserve in case they are needed , but haven't had to use them. (We used bottled water for cooking and drinking before we got our kitchen filter system.) There was some work on the sewer system down the street this winter, and we had to conserve water somewhat for a day or so, but that's been the extent of water shortage.
  2. Thanks, barrbower. I thought it might be something like that.
  3. When I walk my dog on Av de la Ribera in Riberas, for the past 3 or 4 days I've seen the Chapala police parked outside a particular house, with at least one cop outside with a walkie talkie. Don't know if they are there all day, but they've been there every day. Does anyone know the story? Just curious.
  4. I booked this young man besed on your recommendation. We have 2 dogs...one needed a bath and grooming, the other just a nail trim. He was punctual, excellent with the dogs, inexpensive, and pleasant. I highly recommend his service.
  5. We went with Tecno Aqua, though I'm sure the other company would have been as thorough, prompt and careful. We have drinking water again, and our cupboard under the sink is dry!
  6. Does anyone know someone who does power washing? We have a cement pad patio with ridges put into the cement to provide traction, but which also fills with dust and dirt which won't come out with a hose and wire brush. We'd like someone to come and give it a good clean. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the responses. We had a technician come to the house and diagnose the problem. He'll return today with the part needed, and hopefully will end this saga.
  8. We've just had a reverse osmosis system installed under our kitchen counter by a 'contractor' who claimed he knew what he was doing. He's been back 3 times to repair a leak coming from one of the connecting hoses. We're so done with him, and would like to know if anyone knows someone qualified to look at the installation, find the leak problem and fix it. Thanks
  9. I've cleared out our bodega and have some stuff, mostly wood, that I'd like to get rid of. The garbage guys have not taken it, and no one garbage picking seems interested, no matter how I've tried to put it out and hope it goes. Is there a public dump where I can take this stuff? It's not really suitable for recycling or even burning in a fireplace. Mostly pressboard and such. About a car trunk worth. I'm in Riberas. Thanks.
  10. The contrast between Walmart and Soriana is becoming more and more evident. At Soriana, I can walk through the aisles without stepping over cartons and workers sitting on the floor. There is more than one checkout open. Staff is not overly friendly, but not surly either. Prices are comparable, and I can usually find what I would go to Walmart for. We live in Riberas, so it's not much longer to drive there. Vegetable section is about the same (lack of) quality as Walmart. It's my go-to supermarket now with Pancho's or Fresh Market for veggies.
  11. Thank you both. Very helpful advice.
  12. I'd like to have my off-white cotton quilt dyed yellow or green to disguise a small stain. Does anyone know a laundry that will do this, or, alternatively, where I can buy washing machine dye to do it myself?
  13. When we used to come down for the winter, in the 'before times', I would annually visit the stall on the Chapala malecon that had a huge variety of cotton casual clothing at excellent prices. I believe the woman who owned the stall/shop was named Alicia. I know that, when we were last here, in 2020, she had moved to the other side of the road while the town was rebuilding the premises she occupied. When I looked for her stall this week, I could not locate it. Can anyone tell me if this woman is still selling her clothing, if she's moved, or if she is no longer in business? Thanks.
  14. I've been told sprinkling this on a dogs food will help in fighting fleas. Does anyone know where I can get it locally? I don't want ordinary yeast for bread making. Thanks.
  15. I have lost one of our keyless entry and starter fobs for our Kia Soul. Does anyone know of a place who can supply and configure a fob without me resorting to the dealership in Guadalajara? Thanks
  16. Aside from the COVID years, we have made this trip annually for over 10 years and will do so in November. All the advice given here makes sense. Here's what we would reinforce: Take the Columbia bridge instead of Laredo. It's much smaller, easier and less stressful for your first trip. Do follow the letter of the signs when making the 20k trip from Columbia to Laredo bypass after crossing the border. There are 2 cops who try to hustle for money in that region. Just keep insisting on the ticket, and keep your sense of humor. They will give up. Take the toll roads for your first trip. You may feel more confident on future trips and take some free roads, but it's worth the money (more than $100) in tolls when you are still nervous about supposed bandidos and narcos. You'll soon find that the roads are excellent and safe. We cross the border in the morning and stop at Las Palmas Matahuala, mostly because we travel with a dog, and they are dog-friendly. It makes for a shortish day ( 6 or so hours) for your first day in Mexico, and you don't need more stress your first time. We leave by 8 am and are iat Lakeside mid afternoon. Use your GPS. Make sure the maps and instructions for Mexico are up to date and comprehensive. There are a couple of places where you might go wrong, as the signage is not clear, but you should be never more than one or two minutes out of your way and getting back where you belong isn't hard. Enjoy the ride. The view in the mountains is fabulous, and the truckers are courteous. You will be fine.
  17. I know someone this happened to in Canada, too. Luckily, they had heard of the scam from me talking about it happening to a neighbour in Riberas, so they hung up after giving the guy a piece of their mind. Politely, of course. She's Canadian after all, <wink>
  18. What a reasonable response to the situation from the Canadian government. This must put some minds to rest.
  19. When we were stopped by those guys a couple of years ago (entering Mexico) we played with each other for about 20 minutes before they let us go. They were going to 'give us a ticket' that we'd have to pay in NLaredo, out of our way, blah blah. We said we'd take the ticket. They switched guys and the one in the cruiser came out to try his luck. Told us we were speeding in a 20k zone. Really???? A 20k zone? Then we'd better take the ticket. Went to his car to get the form. Waved it in front of us. We insisted on the ticket. After 20 minutes they gave up on us and sent us on our way. We met some people at the hotel in Matehuala, who we'd seen at Immigrado. The cops apparently stopped them after trying things with us. They had no better luck with them. When we were driving up to the Columbia Bridge exit, leaving Mexico, about 2 weeks ago, we saw them parked behind some bushes at the side of the road and ready to pounce, but they didn't go after us. We were between two trucks. Maybe they were eating lunch, who knows. We were glad we didn't have to deal with them; we were pretty stressed about whether or not the US Border guys were going to let us through (this was Day One of the new rules) and wouldn't have enjoyed dealing with them that day.
  20. We (2 Canadians) crossed at Columbia 2 weeks ago with our 2 dogs. Our dogs have papers (up to date shots; no 'health certificate' as it is not a written requirement in US, Mexico or Canada for crossing). As has been the case with our 18 crossings, north and south now, no one even noticed the 2 dogs. We mentioned them to the Border Guard. He did not ask to see the papers or ask us any questions about them. Same entering Canada.
  21. We always use Columbia, including when we crossed into the US two weeks ago. It is not very busy at all (no wait, at all, two weeks ago. ) You turn right off Hwy 2 and along a long road, staying in the 'auto' lane. You will see a hut where you turn in your TIP, then follow the road, veering left until yu get to the immigrado building (one story, lots of parking) You turn in your turista here, then head slightly to your right to pay the bridge toll and cross into the US. When we went, all of the carrels were marked closed, and we were somewhat confused, but it turned out they had so few people crossing that they hadn't turned them 'on' yet (this was noon) We were worried that we wouldn't be let in as we are Canadians, but the word was out to let Canadians going home through, and we were done in 2 minutes. On the Mexican side, you follow the signs to "Columbia" bridge about 60 k before NLaredo, and bypass Nuevo Laredo completely. (One note: stick to the speed signs on Hwy 2. There are a couple of 'mordida' cops who stake out that highway and try to pick off gringos. Usually those on the way into Mexico, but it's slim pickings at the moment, so they may work the other direction, too. We found parking ourselves between two trucks kept them at bay.) On the US side, you completely bypass Laredo, and end up just before the 20 mile security stop in the US. It may be a few kilometers longer than if you go through NL and Laredo, but the convenience is well worth it to us.
  22. We are not at Lakeside for the next 6 months. When we go north, we usually continue to pay our maid (4 hours a week) and our gardener (1 1/2 hours twice a week) and they work although the house is empty. We give the maid a number of 'once a year' jobs to do for the 6 months; the gardener continues to water and trim as usual. This year, we will continue to pay them, but we've asked them not to come to work on public transit. The maid will come every 10 days or so, in her husband's truck, to check on the house and then leave; the gardener, who comes in his own truck, will come every 7-10 days to water the plants enough to keep them alive, less during rainy season. If things change over the summer, we will be in contact with our property manager to renegotiate the terms, but we will continue to pay their full salary during the 6 months.
  23. Well, we 2 Canadians crossed the border around 1 pm on Monday, at Columbia Bridge. No wait at all, in fact all the carrels were marked "Closed" and we thought they had closed the whole Entry, but it turned out they hadn't bothered turning them to 'Open" because they hadn't expected anyone. It's that quiet. Our border guard checked our passports, asked us a couple of cursory questions, asked us why we were leaving Mexico (we said 'because our government told us to go home') and we were done. No checking of our temperature, no asking about symptoms. In fairness, he may have been a trainee, and he did show our passport to his supervisor (I'm guessing because of the China stamp from 3 years ago.) His supervisor said, "Canadians going home? Let them through." Easiest crossing ever. More traffic once we hit the States, though all the malls along I-35 inTexas had very few cars in the parking lots. Lots of restaurants offering delivery and take away. Masks and glove use about the same as we saw in northern Mexico. We hope to be in Canada late Thursday afternoon.
  24. Thank you so much for following up, JGiff. We will be crossing tomorrow around noon, and I will be able to sleep tonight knowing this information. Then 3 tense days in the U.S. and on to 14 days quarantine in Ontario. Stay safe over the next 2 weeks until you can get home. Then stay safe up north.
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