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  1. Yes, I need to clean off personal data and order a new battery which can be here by August 20th. Call me, my phone number is in my first message to you. I could not get the PM feature to work.
  2. Does anyone sell and install them? If so I would like their name and contact information. TIA
  3. It is a system wide failure. Electrial poblems at the officee. Should be back on by 5:00 PM
  4. It is a system wide failure. Electrical problems at the office. Should be back on by 5:00 PM
  5. I'm considering using CI Banco as a second bank here. Has anyone had any experience with them? TIA
  6. My housekeeper told me Walmart was not allowing anyone 60 or older in. I read this one other place also. Is this true?
  7. Dra. Lupita has posted on her Facebook page that she tested positive for CV-19. Therefore there is one confirmmed case in Chapala.
  8. Talked to the office about 5:30. CFE is working on the electricity in SAT and have disconnected the Ilox lines. When finished they will be restored. No idea when
  9. Just talked to them again. The techs are checking the lines now as that is where the problem is.
  10. I am in the same area. Talked to them yesterday and techs are here trying to fix the problem. It is a wide spread outage
  11. I live in SAT and just received a call. Ilox will install at my house at 1:00 today. Yipee!!!!
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