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  1. I have a Samsung side by side refrigerator about 6 years old. Ice maker not working need reliable experienced appliance repair person. Rec. or suggestions, English speaking or some English preferrred. Familiar with newer appliance such as those with digital components etc. TIA
  2. Okay thank you, I am actually posting for a friend, will inform of such. johanson..yes the Telmex office is indeed closed. I think we have been here roughly same amount of time, 23 years ago I had to wait more or less 6 months for a phone line and mucho dinero. I must have gotten taken as well, naive. LOL. Everything has a fee attached we now know. I maybe should have gone north and hid as well.
  3. More options that is great. Funny no references as yet to the three I have used. Thanks .
  4. okay so essentially you have no clue at the moment. I know it has been the case many times over many years. Is it the case now?
  5. Thank you, those who did respond. I was just trying to get some opinions as stated. Everyone has differing opinions and I wanted such. I agree but I have already heard the personal friends opinions. I think everyone has prejudices and such that influence their opinions which is fine. Bedside manner means very little to me, Competence, ability to provide care at reasonable cost and obviously an ER contact. Money grabs are not what I want, I want good care. Knowledge of large breed dogs. Thanks.
  6. I was not aware a new shelter opened I know there is Doggie guard or Doggie Workers facility that does activiites, day care and overnight care. Looks interesting. Do you know the name of the new shelter? I would put your request on FB for more attention, this site seems to get much less exposure.
  7. Who do you use for a Vet? How long have you used that Vet? Have you used more than one and have a preference one over another? I have used a few and trying to decide who I wish to use for a new arrival dog. Thanks in advance for input.
  8. I heard , possibly rumor, that there was a shortage of telmex phone numbers/lines. Anyone know if this is true? I may know someone with a phone line for sale if true.
  9. Incredible, people who are unable to read and comprehend a question and reply to the question without answering a thing. Absolutely amazing. Bizarre and vile no doubt to cut human or animal parts as goodness forbid many times there are health reasons. Severe ear infections from bacteria and fungi in Dobermans with floppy ears. Men, of elderly persuasion in facilities and being taken care of and just a small mindless error of not retracting foreskin to original position and Bam, death, or surgery at a ripe old age. The validity of many things remains today if people listen to health/medical reasons in many cases. In reality I care less that is what I am looking for so or was so very unhelpful responses. There are might I add the American Doberman and the European Doberman, both with different characteristics, thus they are not the same all over North America. Dobermans are not as popular here in these parts of Mexico due to cost one and demand in upper class society due to being guard dogs and pit bulls seem to be a preferred dog here but at a more reasonable price. Dobermans are highly intelligent thinkers, so very smart and many times require a different scope of action than say a Shepherd also incredibly smart dogs but practical as herders, guard or even hunting. Reputable breeder will many times sell you a male and female if you are willing to sign a waiver of breeding or such. Ridiculous statement to say a breeder will not sell a male and female dog to an owner. Has nothing to do with reputation just money. Very simple round about as well so have a friend buy the other dog for you, serious. I am more than happy to have a less popular breed dog, just as have found likely not usually very helpful to get answers here. Yikes. Cannot wait to see responses on my next two questions.
  10. Withing a short period of time, I might be interested in one maybe two Dobermans. A female for sure and possibly a male as well. Anyone know any breeders in area or in Guadalajara. It would need tail already cropped, if ears were done or started even better, not too young 8 weeks or older. American Doberman preferred. Any leads would be helpful, please do not share with me your opinions of just adopt a stray dog. I have done rescues and adoption, I am on my last dogs and want Dobermans. Thanks!
  11. Okay thanks no clue what this means, but it has been patched hopefully we can make it til next year and then once again do over roof, the sun is far more destructive then cold or even snow!
  12. Thank you I found Vickys number after my gardener brought a pool repair guy I guess, they are taking pump to clean it out and check tomorrow. Will go from there.
  13. Too early...This is just a tease! 🤣
  14. Happy early rains. Have a roof leak, reliable, efficient roof repair person recommendations. ???? Must be timely, and on time, along with reliable and good service, English at least some would we awesome. Thank you in advance.
  15. Who knows...that is why I need a repair man or person. The filter runs but is non productive and weak. Anyone have Vicky's number for Technoagua? Now with rain yup I need a roof repair person...
  16. Needed pool repair man or even way to contact Technoagua or somewhere that repairs pools filters. Suggestions, timing is just perfect, NOT!
  17. I have a large eljibe as well, used to be big issue with water shortages. Just what we do not need now! I can make due for 3 weeks as well. Likely will cut the watering garden.
  18. I suggest you go with Amazon and get an English laptop. I have twice bought Mexican vendor computers and changed over to English, hated them , not the same, one issue after another. I also hated the keyboard and I am no typist for sure. JMHO
  19. Two men delivered Bonafont water today without masks. I reminded them of new law. They really did not care. Over 60 yrs you are considered high risk so avoid going out even more so but you can go out for essential needs. This was verified by Spencer McMullen.
  20. well that explains the helicopters over San Antonio!
  21. Hi all, I have an opening, maybe two in my mailbox at Ishop. If you are interested please let me know and we can fit you in to a box asap. It has ayearly fee based on beginning of April so will prorate.
  22. Sweet! Feel better for gosh sakes!! I thought that is what it was but since it did not work and never did work, I thought I must have it wrong. The site nor the app. are working for me as of this month for the site and the app well I cannot even register. I paid it much more easily at Oxxo. I use to pay online ( not the app) with an Amex US card, just saying. I was unable to use undostres either. Unable to register..must be something to do with my cell or internet.
  23. I have a brand new laptop, all English brought in from the states. Started to set it up , got busy and then was gifted a new laptop so I have one to many now. Willing to sell it, Will have to check stats for you if interested. I think it is a Dell. Send me a message if you are interested before I got looking, approximate cost you want to pay as well.
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