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  1. I just paid 1000 pesos yesterday at SAH. About a 30 minute wait and I had my results in hand.
  2. Could someone in the Canadian consulate in Guadalajara assist you or at least give you advice?
  3. Where I live in Florida(senior community) most people do like me and take 2000 units of D3 a day. Also between the pool, shuffleboard, Bocce and walking places we are in the sun quite a bit. Ne ver heard of D overdose.
  4. My daughter has had 2 Pfizer shots but had a covid breakthrough infection. It put her in bed feeling terrible. Yesterday she went to a medical clinic and received a covid monoclonal antibody transfusion. This took about 3 hours total. This morning I talked to her she has an appetite and is doing household chores. She has to finish her 10 quarantine. She lives in Richmond VA and her insurance fully covered the treatment.
  5. I am well satisfied with USAA. Car insurance in the states, credit card service, and valuable property insurance in the states, all services are tops.
  6. The Neuva Posada hotel outside under the tree for breakfast
  7. I am 100% and also covered by Tricare for Life. I do pay Medicare. I have not tried to use either here as I am a short time visitor.
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