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  1. Have friend in the states neededing Lakrside Alzhiemers housing. I remember some places mentioned in the Ojo but I'd like to get an update: Who what where and costs.? Got any tips or referalls?
  2. I have 3 teeth that need to be pulled. In advance of having denture work done. Who can you recommend?
  3. One thing to do is get a digital copy of the original artwork. The wave and the shine can be taken out via photoshop. And a new cleaned up printed on canvas Google giclee printing.
  4. Where Lakeside can I get vanilla that's open?
  5. I'm looking to buy us plated car to drive to Seattle area. Now.
  6. Might be an opportunity for a print shopmaster. Should be familiar with etching and relief printing.
  7. The studio sits empty to often. With the press more artists can get involved.
  8. Pictured is MARKET FRESH FISH a hand colored block print 24x30 archival paper and ink.
  9. About a month ago there was general interest among a surprising number of chapala residents interested in gorming some sort of activity based artists group. I was contacted because I have a large bodega i use for a studio in Chapala.. In December Im hoping to arrive with a table top etching press 22x30 plate size. Thats a community type tool. No promises just yet but Id like to know if anything came for the last thread. Thanks Billy King
  10. Looking for BILL pay service for Lakeside area. Specifically CFE payment. Can send $ via PayPal.
  11. Anyone know how to close aTelmex home phone account when NOT in Mexico? Is there a # for English speaking Telmex operators.
  12. Any updated information on this? paying from USA by credit card?
  13. I wish to talk with someone in the Ajijic office of Telmex who speaks English. About my most recent bill where I was charged for all my calls to the USA even though its esentially free to call the usa on the 389 plan. Bill si overdue. please assist. Im in ther states. 800# solutions arent working. Get the number off their biz card if you can! Thanks in advance mexArt
  14. Help.....cant find an English speaking Trelmex operator to discuss my last Chapala bill where I was charged for all my calls to the USA. I given up on the 800 Telmex and now want to call the Ajijic Telmex since the key people there speak English. Could you give me the office Phone numbers please or any of the individuals Cell #'s. Im back in the states but will call them. My bill is now over due too so sooner the better.
  15. My Alaskan friends are looking for a quality cocktail in the Chapala Lakeside area......suggestions....
  16. Looking to connect with graffiti busters to get some paint for a couple murals I'm planning to paint on the Tianguis street in Chapala. Basically the donation is for the primary coat. Or if they have any paint to let go of. Recently finished an interior mural in Melaque with donated paint. I live in Chapala.

  17. Lake Chapala Society is a second home for many...and thats in Ajijic....
  18. I will be unloading some tubes of oil paint, some brushes, a roll of printmaking/drawing paper, odds and ends as I prepare for the eventual sale of my art studio bodega. PM if interested.
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