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  1. Don't worry about the general comments. You're always going to have naysayers, regardless of the topic. It's normal to compare prices to the US since that's your home country. Eventually, you'll find a balance. Shop around, check out the various docs and go where you're comfortable. You'll see high end for here (specialists out of Guad, usually) and low end and everything in between. When we need routine care, we go to Ajijic Clinic (Clinica Ajijic). We absolutely love Dr. Rodriguez. His fees are reasonable, the care is excellent, and he's very, very patient-oriented. For anything more specific (cardio, ortho, etc), we're really lucky in that we have access to all sorts of specialists here. If one isn't available, Guad isn't that far away.
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  2. EDIT: Yo1 has deleted his Post.... which is the one I am referring to below as being inaccurate. Of the two, I’d go with Sonia’s account of the process. Yes, it can be potentially challenging. The process will start with EXPORTING the vehicle from the US via Customs (which may take a day or two and is handled by the bonded Broker... if it is NOT, then run!), then IMPORTING it into Mexico. Yes it will cost quite a bit so make sure your vehicle is worth it to you. Mexican based brokers are just as good and maybe better. But the idea that it will take a “month or two” is completely inaccurate. Drive it to the border with an appointment with a reliable Broker and plan on spending 2-4 days there before driving back. Remember that one must also then get the vehicle ‘registered’ in your home state which I presume is Jalisco... more cost. YMMV
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  3. Yes, and that is the problem (not upping the pay). Gas has just gone up, CFE rates, everything that depends on transport will, etc. It costs your employees just as much to fill up their cars as it costs you, but they are less able to afford it. My maid, who has been working for me for 4 years and does a fantastic job, told me in Dec.that she needs to have her hourly rate increased by 10 peso/hr. in 2017, which I thought was totally fair. Altho she doesn't have to drive to my house, as she lives just up the block, she has 3 kids to ferry around and 5 mouths to feed.
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