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  1. Thanks for all the feedback everyone - I'm starting to actually feel like I'm trolling people here now so I started a new Topic for those that are interested in golf carts and are considering using them here at Lakeside. http://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/topic/74089-golf-carting-in-ajijicsan-antonio/#comment-554734 I'd love to address all the negative comments here, but would rather focus on the positive - I understand your position and many have made valid negative points against carts, but I maintain that, in the balance they are safe, economical, fun and a good choice for a certain segment here at Lake Side. I understand most people feel the need to have a car, but I'm not one of them. As for those questioning my reasons for living in Mexico: In Mexico you get to do what you want for the most part without a million rules and regulations.This has its good and bad sides and I've been affected by both. But I've lived here on and off for more than 20 years, with the good and the bad and I still love it - Mexico need not change for me. I speak fluent Spanish, help everyone I can, provide good jobs to locals and generally try to be a good citizen of Mexico - which is now what I am. Mexico is not perfect nor does it try to be - Mexico is Mexico and I love it the way it is - warts and all. I think most of you posting feel and act the the same way at some level or wouldn't even be here. Thanks again for all your comments!
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  2. Thumb your nose long enough by breaking the law and don't be surprised when your cart finally does get dragged away by the Transitos. Then you can pontificate the virtues of carts until you are blue in the face in court, trying to get it back so it can sit parked in your yard.
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  3. Blame the victim....sheesh! I witnessed this: an elderly couple had double-parked their golf cart behind a car parked legally in front of El Torito (both nose in). I saw them get into their cart with their shopping bags, and put the car into drive and damage the car parked legally in front of them. I watched as they finally found reverse, and sped away. Neither got out to see if there was damage (it shook the car pretty badly). What I took away from this incident was that had someone been WALKING in front of this cart, they would have gotten nailed. I'm in good shape, walk 2+ miles a day, but at my age I now longer bounce off of pavement. If a golf cart were to knock me or my loved one down and that person was uninsured, as much as I detest law suits I would sue the @@@ off that person. Falls for anyone after age 55 can be traumatic; bones don't heal like they did when we were younger. Anyone driving a golf cart around here better understand the consequences if they are not insured.
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  4. If I have wanted to be a stupid looking senior citizen and drive a golf cart I would have moved to Sun City. Is SYSY really Laura?
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  5. You can get a Factura for ANYTHING you purchase. it's the Law. Golf carts have Serial Numbers, same as a VIN. ANY road legal vehicle can be registered and get plates. e.g. Quads.
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  6. I find several of your comments condecending towards Mexicans and their country. IMO
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