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  1. I've never heard if a bait. They only eat live bugs. The spray is effective in killing them before they sting anyone. Having your home sprayed will have the secondary benefit of controling the palmetto bugs, roaches. The Home Defense spray from Costco or Sams in the gallon spray bottle works well but don't expect to last 6 months here. Cynoff is really toxic and will last 3-4 months.
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  2. Buy a packet of Cynoff powder at Jara or elsehwere. $60 pesos. Dilute with water in a garden sprayer and spray around baseboards of house interior and exterior. Repeat occasionally throughout the year. No more scorpions (or cockroaches). Safe for pets.
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  3. I got stung on the base of the back of my head spending the night in my friend's rarely used casita. I grabbed the scorpion off, tossed it on the floor and crushed it with my heel. Waking me up in the morning was apparently his/her mate (I hear they travel in pairs, and perhaps they do) stinging me on the outside of my right thigh and then again on another part of my right thigh when the first sting caused me to roll over on it. I got a jar and put that one in the jar. It was very light, almost translucent. It sure hurt a lot... more than other scorpion stings I have had... and more than wasp, hornet or yellow-jacket stings. I didn't take anything for it and about 30 minutes later, my lips started feeling numbs and my throat started closing off my breathing. Normally I would sluff off a scorpion sting, but I guess three stings within 12 hours imparted enough venom that I needed to do something. I decided to go to Cruz Roja but my right leg (gas pedal leg) was twitching involuntarily so bad that it was almost comical and I could not drive, so I had my buddy drive me. They put an IV port in a vein on my forearm and put in a pain-killer, and anti-venom and then another pain killer and made me wait for 30 min to make sure I did not have a negative reaction and let me go. I think it was $450 pesos -- or whatever you can afford. I think I gave them $1000 pesos. As for the scorpion in the jar, after it was dead, I put it on a small, pretty rock and covered it in Elmer's Glue... which dried out clear making it look like it was encased in plastic. It will last a couple years in that condition. Just another curio with which to decorate the garden.
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