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March 2021


There is a reason the sky gets dark at night. We were not meant to see everything all the time. We were meant to rest and trust even in the darkness.

Morgan Harper Nichols

Here we are; almost a year since COVID-19 began its onslaught of our beloved community. At press time, we are just out of a red-button lockdown: 60+ must stay home, harsh restrictions on gatherings in outdoor and indoor venues, not to mention continued masking, handwashing, and social distancing. We have expressed cautious optimism with the new official numbers indicating a hopeful downturn in new cases and deaths. In mid-February, our governor lifted the red button and loosened some, not all, of the restrictions. The vaccine is almost within reach. We are registering for vaccine application venues. We have hope.  

Hope for all of our wonderful live entertainment venues, restaurants, theaters, and gatherings with friends and family. When this is over, I imagine going out with a smile on my face, a loud, happy song on my lips, and a hug for everyone I know. Until then, we must stay vigilant. 

Sadly, this report lacks events. Restaurants are open with limited capacity and many feature our incredibly talented live music. If you can, while observing safety protocols, go out and enjoy what is currently out there for us all. We are still waiting and wanting our community to return to its full, vibrant life and when it does, I, for one, will party like it’s 2019!

In normal times, the Lake Chapala Society hosts Open Circle every Sunday at 10 a.m., a popular community gathering at the society’s grounds in Ajijic, to enjoy a diverse range of presentations.

Open Circle presentations have been suspended because of the pandemic, yet some presentations are available online. For a schedule and more information see their website

All live theater, orchestras, and big bands are suspended until further notice.  They have all expressed hope and delight the coming weeks will allow for reconvening and planning for new and exciting shows to fill our calendars with vibrant entertainment.

Here is a small sample of what is currently available with our live music bands and venues:

Blue Jay Slim and the Blues Machine

The always popular Blue Jay Slim and the Blues Machine on the rooftop patio at El Bar Co. on the carretera, in central Ajijic. Check out the latest information on Facebook, El Bar Co. or the Iron Horse. Jay and his band bring the limited capacity house down with blues, rock and Latin music.

The beautiful garden at El Garufa on Colon, in Ajijic, hosted Latinitos for an afternoon of jazzy easy listening and delightful dining. 


Stay tuned, loyal readers. Life is good, we are still starry-eyed, and look forward to seeing each other soon.


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